CD Burning

  Jackcoms 07:43 15 May 2004

I’m new to this CD burning lark and need asome guidance, please.

My teenage daughter talked me into burning some music which she had (legally) downloaded.

So, using Roxio Easy CD Creator, we burned a couple of tracks onto a new CD-R just to check that we had the hang of it. All went well and we successfully played the music back.

We then decided to burn the other 10 or so tracks she wanted.

But, using the same CD-R, having selected the tracks and hit ‘Record’ we got a message “This is not the correct media for the project. Insert a blank CD with enough free space …..”

Not sure what the problem was. We were using the same CD-R as before with about 660mb of free space and the music tracks were nowhere near that size.

Should we have burned ALL the tracks in one session? Should we have formatted the CD-R first or can you use them straight out of the packet? Is there an idiot’s guide somewhere to CD burning?

  Andsome 08:18 15 May 2004

When you set up to burn the two tracks, according to which version of the software that you are using, there should have been the facility to say that the disk would remain open for additions later on, Nero certainly does. You probably burned the two tracks in a CLOSED session. This would mean that you were trying to add to a disk which had been finished

  Agent Smith 08:40 15 May 2004

In "Nero" the option is to create a "Multi Session" disc or not. There should be similar wording with Easy CD Creator. as Andsome says. May I suggest that you use a CDRW (Rewritable)disc until you get the hang of it, it's cheaper in the long run.

  Jackcoms 09:19 15 May 2004

Thanks guys, my questions answered.

Yes, we did inadvertently use a closed session and yes, next time we'll use CD-RW so my daughter can add and delete tracks to her heart's content and to my wallet's content!

  Andsome 08:26 16 May 2004

Personally I would NOT use CDRW for anything important. I have heard too many tales of woe. CDR's can be obtained very cheaply, just have a look round the INTERNET. I bought my last lot locally at just over £6 for twenty five. In larger quantities they cost practically nothing.

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