cd burner whirring and saying cds not writable

  murder the virus makers 22:56 25 Aug 2003

hi everyone, i have a 'benq' 48x CD writer, that is approx 6 months old. i bought a 100 pack of CD-R's (DISCRITE) from Ebuyer and have been trying to copy files of different types on different occasions from my HD to the CDS. but my CD writer 'whirrs' loudly when trying to write and then says unable to write to disc, may be unusable not if you quit. (through NERO) and sometimes i cannot remove the disc afterwards from the drive. this has happened with approx 50% of the cds i have used from the pack mentioned.


  Ironman556 23:01 25 Aug 2003

Have you tried a different brand of CD's? Some writers just don't like some brands of CD's. I have a Plextor which writes audio poorly to TDK disks, nothing wrong with either the drive or discs, but they just don't like each other.

  woodchip 23:04 25 Aug 2003

That's about it. Could not have put it plainer.

  murder the virus makers 23:22 25 Aug 2003

er... yeah, i have used others (from morrisons supermarket) and had same problems... not as bad though... also my friend has same cds and had no probs at all writing. some of mine write ok... so you dont think its my writer then? i should try another brand?

  Ironman556 00:03 26 Aug 2003

Yes, try TDK, Verbatim or Memorex, then you know there's nothing wrong with the discs, so it can only be the drive at fault. I think a lot of the cheaper discs 'come out of the same factory' and have a different labels slapped on them, so you may have picked up two lots made by the same company.

Also try other CD Writing software if you have any.

  woodchip 16:07 26 Aug 2003

But do not buy 50 at a time until you find what works

  mdshamilton 16:17 26 Aug 2003

Is there a new driver update for your writer?

  Ironman556 18:34 26 Aug 2003

Is there a firmware update for the drive? If your drive doesn't work with much at all, try going to the drive manufacturers website and downloading the latest firmware. Only do this if you need to though because if it goes wrong you can stop the drive from working at all.

  woodchip 21:55 26 Aug 2003

The CDRW does not need Drivers as such. Windows provides the reading Driver but the software i.e. like NERO as driver for the software to communicate with the writer have a look on the site for updates

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