CD burner not working correctly

  Rob Hughes 23:14 06 Apr 2008

I've had my PC for just over a year, but the CD burner seems to have stopped working. Every CD I try to burn appears to burn correctly (I get no error message) but when I try to play them in any CD player, it says 'no disc'. I've tried using both iTunes and Windows Media Player to burn the discs, used discs from different packs and tried to play them in different players, but always get the same result. I have burned quite a few CDs over the last year, but it's not like I've burned hundreds, so I wouldn't have expected it to wear out yet. The CD drive has no problems reading disks, it just can't burn them. Any ideas as to what the fault could be? Should I try a CD lens cleaner, or are those not for use in PCs?

  mrwoowoo 00:27 07 Apr 2008

Recently had a problem with mine not burning properly.I updated the firmware for my dvd writer from the manufacturers site and have had no more problems.Worth a shot.

  DieSse 01:19 07 Apr 2008

Most likely the CD has failed (not worn out). It's pretty common - burners are probably the least reliable part in a PC.

You could try a lens cleaner as a last resort - but don't get your hopes too high.

  wee eddie 08:59 07 Apr 2008

Closing the Session in a Formal Manner.I believe that it is necessary if you want use a CD on an External Player

  Rob Hughes 01:36 08 Apr 2008

'Are you?
Closing the Session in a Formal Manner.I believe that it is necessary if you want use a CD on an External Player'

I've been waiting for the program to finalise the disc and eject it, I get no error message when the disc is finished, and I'm not doing anything different to what I did before it went wrong - so I'm not sure what it is.

  wee eddie 08:37 08 Apr 2008

mislaid the automatically Finalise and have to do it yourself.

p.s. Are you using ordinary CDs or Re-writeables?

  Rob Hughes 10:36 08 Apr 2008

I'm using normal CD-Rs. When burning the CDs, whether in iTunes or Windows Media Player, I always wait for it to say 'finalising' before I take the disc out, and I haven't changed any of the settings. It just seemed to be literally overnight that it stopped working.

  wee eddie 10:56 08 Apr 2008

I seem to remember that the CD-R and a CD Player is not a happy combination.

  Grey Goo 14:59 08 Apr 2008

Have they actually been written, do they play on the computer. It's been know for the software to go through the motions of burning but not actually do anything. Might like to try different software. Take your pick
click here

  wee eddie 16:55 08 Apr 2008

A different Brand of CDRs

  Rob Hughes 19:20 10 Apr 2008

Thanks for your replies, sorry for the delay. Just to summarise: all the other CDs I've burned in this way have worked fine on my CD player, I've tried both iTunes and WIndows Media Player to burn the CDs, with the same result, and I've tried a different brand of CD-Rs, and it still doesn't work.

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