CD Burner Not Reading Or Writing DVD's

  Corticarte 19:45 09 Apr 2008

Ok i thought its time to ask people who might know more than me about computers about my DVD writer issue... When i try to write a DVD with ANY software i try lots i get " no disc inserted " this all happened a while ago when i formatted my PC because i lost my restore discs and partition so i formatted with brand new XP Home OEM.

Any suggestions?
DVD Writer: LG Electronic HL-DT DVDRRW GCA-4164B ATA ATAPI

I have tried upgrading firmware done that already to latest... my computer recognises the drive now but still it doesnt read or write DVD's.

Thanks again for all your help :)

  jack 08:26 10 Apr 2008

A laser cleaner.
If the drive is in a Desk top machine [is it? - you did not say]
Check all connections both of Power and the Ribbon Cable both ends.
That is a far as you can go in desktop machine unless the drive has a separate cable to the Harddrive.[Come back- will take you further when I have the Info from you]

If the the drive is in a Laptop then cleaning the laser is as as you can go

It will be time for a new drive.
They are cheap and easy to replace in a Desktop machine
In a laptop the only logical way is an external USB drive.

  Terry Brown 10:13 10 Apr 2008

If it is packard Bell or Dell, you may need special drivers for their motherboard. Go to the revelant site and look for drivers for your system. Tis should cure the problem.
If it is a DELL system, contact DEll , giving the machine number (Usually on the case) and they will sent you new recovery and driver disks free of charge.

Packard bell will send them to you but for a charge.

  Corticarte 16:40 10 Apr 2008

ok i tried CD cleaner nothing change and its a COMPAQ PRESARIO SR1619UK Desktop Machine i have opened the Unit before and i have checked all cables and connections.

Strange things is it plays CD and writes CD's even thought its a DVD writer and rewriter :\

  BT 17:13 10 Apr 2008

"Strange thing is it plays CD and writes CD's even thought its a DVD writer and rewriter"

It will. All DVD Writers will write CDs but not Vice Versa.

  Corticarte 17:21 10 Apr 2008

yes but it says DVD+RRW writer so it should write dvds right? because it did when i first bought the PC i think im missing drivers or SOMETHING... bcz it has worked in the past wrote and read dvds easily no problems onl happened when formatted pc you see...without the restore discs

  lofty29 17:28 10 Apr 2008

It sounds as though the dvd laser has gone kaput. you have two lasers in a dvd burner one for cd's and a separate one for dvd's

  Corticarte 19:13 10 Apr 2008

alright well i guess unless somebody took a look at it then we wont know for sure but i think the most proboble answer now would be the dvd laser has gone bust... thanks for all the replies and help much appreciated.

Thanks :)

  jack 19:37 10 Apr 2008

Dea laser for sure as described.
Take a look at click here for you replacement.
I have had to do the same in the last week or so.
Cost toal £27. for a top of the range Samsung

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