CD Autorun not working

  Pesala 18:01 23 Feb 2003

Following the response to my earlier post I created a file called Autorun.inf with the line

[AUTORUN] shellexecute=file.html

I copied that file first onto a newly formatted Direct CD-RW disk. I then copied my web page index.html and associated files.

The webpage works OK, but the CD doesn't autorun.
Following the advice of another thread I checked the registry and found the keys:

CDTypeAutoRun 00 00 00 00
NoDriveTypeAutoRun 95 00 00 00

Do I need to change the first key to 95 00 00 00

How else can I get my CD to run? Magazine cover disks startup just fine.

  harristweed 18:23 23 Feb 2003

I had the same problem

click here

Here is the answer

  Stuartli 18:27 23 Feb 2003

Go to My Computer>Device Manager>highlight your CD-ROM drive>Properties and check whether Auto Insert Notification has been enabled.

If not, check the box and also DMA if this is not enabled.

  Pesala 18:46 23 Feb 2003

and DMA are ticked for both drives.

That should have been



I had them on the same line, which may be why it doesn't work. One problem with messages posted in this forum, is that single carriage returns are ignored.

  Pesala 18:51 23 Feb 2003

All posters please note, when posting commands that have to be on separate lines, use DOUBLE carriage returns -- SINGLE carriage returns are removed!!!

  MAJ 18:58 23 Feb 2003

Sorry about that, Pesala. I didn't notice that the other post had inserted them on the one line. I just pasted an Autorun file I use, into my reply and didn't check it. Sorry for causing you a little trouble. I'll check my posts more thoroughly in future. :-(

  Pesala 19:03 23 Feb 2003

It wasn't meant as a complaint or criticism. I have done the same myself to find my careful formatting is lost so the message is hard to follow.

Just a warning to everyone to be on the look-out for such syntax errors.

  MAJ 19:07 23 Feb 2003

Thanks, Pesala, I'm just happy it worked for you.

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