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  Staz 19:31 30 Dec 2006

My dad runs a business teaching how to fix boilers. As a sideline he sells flow charts he's made up himself on CD-rom. Unfortunately when he has more than one engineer in from the same company they only buy one CD between them. And when there's 8 of them sometimes and the disc is £60 he's losing out a hell of a lot of cash.

I've thought of loads of ideas but none are fool proof. At the moment he has just a load of word docs on the disc. I suggested creating a flash CD which has a built in viewer so copying the disc onto a computer is pointless cos you need to CD to view the files. Also I suggested windows key style codes that lock the CD to one computer and access to the internet is needed to install the disc initially so the same code can only be used once.

Unfortunately there needs to be a print function so a company can just print off 8 copies from the one CD. But at least the CD itself can't be passed between loads of people.

My dad is asking a lot I know. The entire world is trying to stop discs being copied but any advice would be much appreciated.

Also does anyone know a company that can do the suggestions I mentioned? It's a bit beyond my img src... abilities!

  Gaz 25 20:07 30 Dec 2006

I have some ideas that may work for you.

It would be advisory after reading this, if your interested in further ideas and information to message me by clicking the envelope to discuss further.

I know exactly what you mean about CD piracy.

However, do you have these documents as word format?

The best suggestion would be to convert these to PDF documents with some form of protection there.

I would also suggest an installation package which asks for a key that is random generated and lasts for one installation.

I have to rush now but I know of links that could help you, you may find useful..

This is one: click here

  Gaz 25 20:08 30 Dec 2006

Also, PDF if you obtain a Acrobat from adobe (not the reader, the full version)

There are copy protection and password systems built into that.

Microsoft also has Digital Rights Management in DOC files.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:08 30 Dec 2006

There is no way to stop piracy especially if you have a copy of Camtasia or can record from the monitor input ;-))


  Staz 20:12 30 Dec 2006

at the moment I am in the process of making the entire disc into a self loading html file which then has links to the sheets in pdf format. Didn't know about the protection but I'll look into that. Does that mean the files literally can't be copied from the disc??

  theDarkness 23:18 30 Dec 2006

if u can view the file in pdf format then theres always going to b a way of using other programs to save that pdf onto a computer, and then after that copy for others, if someone wanted to do such a thing. theres no real way around it, i guess for additional protection you could try and add some sort of individual password that you would have to enter to be able to view the pdf (which would b different for each purchase obviously).. not sure on how to go about that though, but probably the best bet

theres no ultimate form of protection, and multiple methods of protection at once which some companies probably use to try and stop copying etc can probably just end up as pure hassle for legitimate customers anyway

  Staz 02:38 31 Dec 2006

I can understand that. It's a real shame that you can lose so much money from it. We all don't bat an eyelid to using a pirate copy of office but when it's our own it's different

But we're not all rich already

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