CCTV and Hard Drive

  lahorie 11:55 22 Jul 2008

Hello All

I have a cctv system with two maxtor 160GB hard drives, one as a master and one as a slave. Two days ago, an error message appeared saying the master drive had failed. Is it this easy to replace? Will i need to format the new drive and if so how and with what?

Any help gratefully appreciated.


  nosharpe 12:13 22 Jul 2008

I assume that the CCTV system runs via a PC.
Is you operating system installed on the master drive? Does Windows boot up at all?
If yes to both questions, then click on Start, Run and type in Chkdsk and press enter.
This program should isolate the bad sectors on your HDD.

if you can't boot up, then switch the Slave to become the master (and vice versa) and install your operating system onto the slave.
Once this is done, run the Chkdsk utility program to isolate the bad sectors. You will have to re-install all programs that you have on the existing master HDD.

  peter99co 12:17 22 Jul 2008

Maplin deal with this kind of Equipment and you may get some info from their website on costing.

If the Data on the drive is not regd then a format is possible. (format deletes data)

The Manual for the Equipment is downloadable from Maplin usually.

I suppose you could swop the drives over and see if it then reports the slave with an error. Might narrow it down.

Do the drives get heavy use? How old are the drives?

  lahorie 12:17 22 Jul 2008

Hi nosharp

yes it does run via a pc and an IP address. I do not know if an operting system is installed on it, i am assuming it is otherwise it would not work. How do i check this?



  lahorie 12:19 22 Jul 2008

Hi peter99co

The drives have been in for about 2 years and constantly on. I'll check out the Maplins site,i did not know the HDD had an operating system on them.



  nosharpe 12:34 22 Jul 2008

Is the harddrive installed in a PC or is it this kind of system click here

  lahorie 12:37 22 Jul 2008

Hi nosharp

I should have made this clear, it's a stand alone system like in the link with 2 hard drives in it. LJD Deltaware system. It is connected to the pc via cat5 cable.



  peter99co 12:41 22 Jul 2008

There is a five year warranty on the device but I don't think it would include the drive/s unless they where installed when supplied.i

  peter99co 12:47 22 Jul 2008

Is cost to replace an option or can the supplier offer repair?

It may be the O/S is within the unit but possible not in the drives. The supplier may need to be asked what the drives contain.

The Maplin set-up must contain an operating system separate from the drive because you fit your own drive.

  peter99co 12:51 22 Jul 2008

I have Googled LJD Deltaware and the link is this post only

  nosharpe 12:57 22 Jul 2008

The harddrive probably has bad sectors on it.
This can be remedied by putting the harddrive into a pc and running the chkdsk utility on the drive to isolate those bad sectors.
If you aren't proficient with this and you need to retain the info on the harddrive, then I'd suggest you pop down to your local pc shop and ask them to do this.
If you aren't bothered with the data, then replacement is probably the best option - get 2 on the same but make sure you replace like for like i.e. IDE harddrive or Sata harddrive.

If in doubt, ask an expert at Maplin or the supplier.

I doubt the system has an operating system.

The warranty may include the harddrive. Check with the supplier

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