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  noddy2121 08:43 01 Nov 2005


I am currently studying for ccna 2. I am doing a lot of subnetting practice, and there is always one thing that keeps slipping my mind.

Look at this network address below

In the second octet it is a zero, can zeros be used or not? or does my first range of subnets have to be one instead? like below

any help please



  Gaz 25 12:22 01 Nov 2005

It's a class A address so 0's can be used, yes.


  Gaz 25 12:28 01 Nov 2005

This may help...

Class A:
Class B:
Class C:

You can use 0's on the third octet of Class C too, as some people have, but when subnetting, you have ranges, you should not use the network address and broadcast address.

Wonder if click here is any help, it has a few errors, but explains subnetting easier.

I've done CCNA 2, and subnetting was the most difficult part, routers and switches can be a nightmare too. CCNA 3 has subnetting in too (and Supernetting/CIDR/Classless Subnetting AKA. VLSM), so make sure you can do it without any calculator or aids. Most engineers will calculate it with a network design software package, like myself. It makes designing and managing networks easier, but for the purpose of the exam you should be able to understand it throughout.

Good luck, and if you do need any further help - or just a chat... click the envelope at the top next to Gaz 25.


  noddy2121 12:37 01 Nov 2005

Thanks for your replies people. Much appreciated



  Gaz 25 12:43 01 Nov 2005

No problem.

Any more questions, just ask.

  noddy2121 12:49 01 Nov 2005

can you advise me on where to look for vacancies for ccna?

  Gaz 25 12:54 01 Nov 2005

click here


click here

There's more on google, but those are the ones I've used.

  Gaz 25 12:58 01 Nov 2005

£24.05 an hour in a CCNA job, according to that site. Last time I looked, about 2 years ago, it was £17 or something.

:-) Good luck finding a Job, and hopefully consider doing Network+ (same as CCNA 1 & some of 2) and maybe CCNP. It will improve job guarantee.

There are more jobs for CCNP than for CCNA, so if you can work hard and get your CCNP - your laughing. You' be earning about £50,000 a year, and in some cases £60,000

  Gaz 25 12:59 01 Nov 2005

And I've used click here

  noddy2121 13:04 01 Nov 2005

your help is much appreciated! i will take a look at these websites tonight. thats just what i needed.

Thanks again


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