ccleaner start up

  Mosquitoes 11:16 29 Oct 2005

Hi I have ccleaner and had a bit of a play with it and deleted a couple of programs from the start up list one being our kodak camera software, I have since been trying to put it back into the startup list to no avail
any suggestions?

  PaulB2005 11:42 29 Oct 2005

Re-install the software.

  ade.h 18:18 29 Oct 2005

Best to uninstall it first though. Either from Add/Remove Porgrams found in Set Prog Access and Defaults, or possibly from its Start Menu entry.

  griffon 56 16:24 30 Oct 2005

Ccleaner has a good uninstaller itself. Open Ccleaner and click on the 'Options' button at top right. In the panel which appears, click on the tab 'Uninstall Programs'. In the list which appears, highlight the program you want to uninstall and click 'Run Uninstaller'. That program will be completely uninstalled. To clear all its traces, go back to the Ccleaner main panel and click on the 'Issues' tab to the left. Click on the 'Scan for Issues' button at bottom right and wait. It will bring up a list of empty .dll's, invalid registry entries and so on, connected with the uninstalled program, and any others as well. You may safely get rid of them by clicking the 'Fix the following Issues...' button and following the instructions given. I've used it a lot and never had problems. You may find that the first time you use the 'Issues' facility, there will be a lot of them, removing them may make your machine run better.

  PaulB2005 16:25 30 Oct 2005

It only does the same job as the Add/Remove Programs does... No better, no worse.

  griffon 56 16:30 30 Oct 2005

P.S. Windows Main Help files give full instructions on how to add programs to the 'Start Up' list. Open 'Help', type 'Start Folder' into the box and follow the instructions which appear in the right hand panel.

  griffon 56 16:38 30 Oct 2005

PaulB2005. I didn't say it was superior. It was just that mosquitoes had Ccleaner and might not know of its extra features. For example, Add/Remove Programs does not offer remnant removal after the mani uninstall like Ccleaner does.

  Mosquitoes 20:06 30 Oct 2005

Hi hope I am not causing any grief to anybody and thahks for all the advice it is really good that all you guys give the time and effort for the cool help, But I can't find the software cd and have tried the start folder advice from griffon 56 but to no avail, I am using xp I think I could download new software from kodak but thought there must be some way of moving it back to the startup que.

  driving man 18:59 31 Oct 2005

If you are using XP then go through accesssories from start and restore to just before you ran CCleaner.
Also next time you make changes to your PC may I suggest you set a restore point first ---Best of luck

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