ccleaner resets time to gmt

  kevinjuan 18:15 19 May 2007

Friends in Cape Town are having a spot of bother with Ccleaner. When they use use it it resets their computer to GMT not local time. Is there a setting or a box to untick to stop this happening?

  Technotiger 18:54 19 May 2007

Hi, I am not aware of any such setting in CCleaner. Time Zone should of course be set in Control Panel, Date/Time settings, they should be able to set their pc to their local time-zone and then click on Apply to save the setting.

Sorry if I'm teaching you to 'suck eggs', as the saying goes!

  Totally-braindead 20:26 19 May 2007

I'm like Technotiger I had no idea it did this.

Mind you if thats the only problem it causes its a small price to pay, I only use it every couple of months.

  kevinjuan 20:27 19 May 2007


Thanks for the quick response. Everything was ok until they started using Ccleaner so I an assuming that that is where the problem lies. Of course it could just be coincidence. I am trying to sort it by email so it may take some time.

I will check with them about Time Zone/ Control Panel.

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