CCleaner Registry finds

  gazmix 21:59 02 Jul 2009

Ok, so i asked CCLeaner to scan registry for Registry issues & it found a lot, should i select it to fix all of them?

Maybe this is the reason i'm having this issue with my startup, as i don't seem to be getting nowhere with that :)


  MAT ALAN 22:04 02 Jul 2009

I have just run a scan and selected to fix all issues no adverse effects for me.
Don't think it will delete anything that is going to make your PC worse, having said that there is an option to backup before you delete...

  wee eddie 23:11 02 Jul 2009

The first time I did it, I worked in Stages using the back-up Facility and Re-booting the PC between each one.

The first selection was simple. I selected everything that I knew to be related to Programs no longer on the PC.

I then Deleted, Backed-up and Rebooted in small groups of similar types.

Now that I have been using it for a while, I do the job monthly, Select the lot, Back-up and immediately Reboot. Never had a problem.

  gazzaho 23:26 02 Jul 2009

I would do as it says and fix the problems, before doing so save the backup to somewhere you can remember, it doesn't matter where just as long as you know where it is. Keep the backup for a few days/weeks in order to check everything is working properly, sometimes a problem shows immediately after cleaning the registry with a cleaner and sometimes it may not manifest for a while. You may find a program doesn't run for some reason the next time you go to use it as a result of a registry clean.

I've found the registry cleaner in CCleaner is quite non-aggressive compared to others I've tried, to be honest it's the only one I'm prepared to use on a regular basis. Up until now I've never had a problem with it but I keep backups for a month or two just in case problems arise.

  gel 07:23 03 Jul 2009

I too had fears regarding using register clean up using CCleaner, but all was well ,although, I did keep the back up
See my query
gel 7/6/2009 @9:29 in this forum


  Graphicool1 08:41 03 Jul 2009

Backup & Fix

If CCleaner is showing a lot, then you can be sure it's just the tip of the iceberg. Ccleaner is a safe Reg cleaner. Others out there are a lot more gung ho.

  gazmix 09:28 03 Jul 2009

I can't seem to find the backup option!!

All that seems wrong with my pc is the startup issue in my other thread & that seems to be ok touchwood of last few evenings. I'm sure it was to do with a recent software change like when i updated my Microsofts updates.

If all seems to be working & nothing seems broke, should i fix it!

  iscanut 09:58 03 Jul 2009

Have used Ccleaner for a long time now and have always let it delete what it finds. Have never had any problems at all.

  iscanut 10:02 03 Jul 2009

The option to back up the Registry is offered when you use the clean Registry option , 2nd option down on left hand side.

  wee eddie 10:30 03 Jul 2009

When you select "Fix selected Issues", a box pops up asking you if you want to do a back up. I keep my back-up in My Docs (it's usually only a few KBs)as I reckon that it will be the easiest place to find it should everything go pear-shaped.

  Stuartli 11:15 03 Jul 2009

I use the Registry>Fix Selected Issues every time I install or uninstall software - it has never caused any problems.

The only time I do a backup is if there are quite a number of entries requiring deletion.

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