Ccleaner question

  SB23 15:49 30 Jul 2007

I've always used Ccleaner, but I have come across a strange thing on my wifes login.

I've just done another clean of my pc. On my wifes login, it has again cleared 504 unused registry entries, the same entries that were cleared last time.

Does anyone have any ideas why it always the same things deleted, and how can I actually get rid of them once and for all?



  Jake_027 15:55 30 Jul 2007

that it deletes something different on every user account, however it seems to work so I don't complain.

If you are using vista, right click and run as administrator, or it doesn't have access rights and as a result can't delete the entries.

  mfletch 15:56 30 Jul 2007

Hi Try restarting your computer to see if the items have gone then


  SB23 16:13 30 Jul 2007

Have just rebooted, and they are still there, and there's still 504.
They start with .3g2, .amr, .dss, dxr, and the list goes onto Google, and other things that I've never heard of.

The mind boogles!

  birdface 16:34 30 Jul 2007

Maybe if she is not signed in as an administrator she will not be allowed to delete them.This is probably a very bad guess.But you never know.

  skidzy 17:53 30 Jul 2007

Do you have some mobile phone files/videos on the pc ?

If these files are active,this may explain why the entries reappear,ccleaner is not actually deleting them.

One possibility you could try,is to disable system restore,run ccleaner again and reboot.Then enable system restore and run ccleaner again.

Does it still show these entries again ?

  skidzy 18:01 30 Jul 2007

I should add,you will LOSE all restore points if SR is disabled.

  hiwatt 18:49 30 Jul 2007

This has happend to me quite a few times.If you run Ccleaner in safe mode I'm sure that'll sort it.

  Jimmy14 18:54 30 Jul 2007

Ran the latest Ccleaner on Vista Home Premium. I done the clean and registry fix. It damaged my Windows Mail and then I had to wait about 10 seconds every time I opened Windows Mail to use it and every time I double clicked a email message, my cpu usage went to 100% and it crashed. My laptop ran fine before I ran Ccleaner. I recommend never to run a registry fix or it could have been the cleaner part of the program I'm not certain.

  skidzy 19:02 30 Jul 2007

If you ran Ccleaner under the issues tab and then got the Windows mail problems...did you save the backup ? You can restore this backup if you wish.

I for one had a few problems with Windows Mail and i still believe its an MS update issue,the symptoms are very similar to yours.
I never did fix the problem,but did restore back with Acronis and as soon as the certain batch of updates where installed the same problem arose again.

I have since switched to Incredimail and no problems to date.

  Jimmy14 19:07 30 Jul 2007

I know it was silly of me but I never made a backup.

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