CCleaner IE8 and PCA site access problem....

  mooly 08:23 06 May 2009

Another really weird one, can't be coincidence as it's happened each time I do this.
If I run CCleaner (which I do every week or so) I just cannot access this site by any means. The progress bar just sits trying to connect for minutes. No other site I use seems affected. Just will not connect at all.
Flush the DNS cache from a command prompt and all's back to instant connection until CC runs again.

  birdface 08:34 06 May 2009

Have you saved all your good cookies in C Cleaner .All that you want to keep you have to move to the box on the right.

  mooly 11:06 06 May 2009

Ahhh !! That's what I was going to do last time, save the cookies... but couldn't access PCA at all, even from a Google search etc. Same again today after running CC. Flush the DNS cache and PCA loads in under a second from any method, favourites, bookmarks or just a plain seach in Google etc. Only PCA affected.

  birdface 11:13 06 May 2009

What happens if you save PCA cookies in C Cleaner then run C Cleaner again.Does it still stop you from entering PCA.

  mooly 11:18 06 May 2009

I'll have a play and report back. Strange don't you think ? Did restarts and full shutdown this AM after CC but no way could access PCA without the DNS flush.

  birdface 11:25 06 May 2009

I don't use C Cleaner any more.I use Winaso Optimizer instead and am quite happy with that.
So not sure about the C Cleaner settings now.But obviously if it just happens when using it ,it must be the main culprit.Not sure if there are any other setting in it that might have to be set correctly.Maybe someone that has it installed may be able to comment.

  Kevscar1 11:32 06 May 2009

Well I have IE8 and latest CCcleaner. Always let it delete everything and I can get PCA up again no problem.

  birdface 11:37 06 May 2009

Follow on from Kevscar's advice.If using IE7 try tools Internet options.Content .Auto complete Settings and make sure all 4 boxes are ticked.

  mooly 11:50 06 May 2009

Update... ran CC just now, to delete all. This time it did connect OK to PCA ! but of course all user name and password details need inputing.
Just done that for all sites I use including my BT Yahoo home page.
Visited no other sites and moved ALL relevant cookies accross i.e. anything that mentioned the sites I did want.
Ran CC again and rebooted.
All login details now lost for ALL sites EXCEPT ONE which had lost the user name only BUT retained the password.

  mooly 11:52 06 May 2009

And just checked in CC and all cookies to keep still in the correct place.

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