CCleaner help needed.

  gazmix 14:22 21 Apr 2008

I regularly use CCleaner to clear rubbish from my pc like cookies, recent downloaded stuff etc.
The only section i have used is the default 'CCleaner' page that shows 'Windows & Applications' & the default boxes that are checked.
My questions are:-
1. When it says on the tutorial that it deletes traces of browsing history, what is 'traces'?, all i have visited ?

2.What is Autocomplete form history & saved form history? & what can i safely check in the shaded advanced boxes, to erase stuff from history i don't need.

3.In 'Registry' & scan for issues, it says brings up a lot of problems! I haven't fixed selected issues as even though there is the option to backup, i still would like to know what the issues are it has found!!& do i only have the option to see the backup file once i have ran the cleaner! Its says the backup is saved to 'my documents'.

4. In Advanced, it has a box to click that says 'show detailed log of firefox/IE temp files', if i click on these, what do i get that isn't shown on normal scan.

5. What is the recycle bin context menu? & why is CCLeaner a privacy tool??


  simmo09 15:12 21 Apr 2008

traces > visited webpages, cookies etc

auto complete form > have you ever used google many times or similiar? when you type into that same box a list of your recent typed items appear, they will be removed

> registry finds obsolete keys and invalid references, its normally ok to delete these as long as you have backed up your registry

> self explanatory i guess

> recycle bin, any context menu is the menu you get when you right click the icon

Does this help?

  Batch 17:15 21 Apr 2008

1. It depends on what you have ticked in the Internet Explorer (or browser) section of the Cleaner.

3. Like many, I regularly scan for issues and fix them all and never had any probs. The backup file that Ccleaner can create is a .reg file that would reverse the changes it has made to the registry during the cleanup. Each time you scan for issues and go to fix them, Ccleaner will ask if you want to create a backup. Each file it creates includes the current date and time in the filename.

  gazmix 21:24 21 Apr 2008

Hi all & thanks
Simmo, yeh it helps cheers.
without the 'auto complete form' checked, & after i have run the cleaner, it takes away the remembered passwords for websites & my email address on hotmail login page that my pc remembers, but i guess you mean the words i type into google & email addresses like when i login here.

Does it only ask if i want to make a backup after i click on 'run' in registry?, i can't find how to make sure it creates a backup prior to me running it!!


  [email protected] 21:28 21 Apr 2008

You will be prompted to backup "after" you have run it ;-)

  [email protected] 21:32 21 Apr 2008

It may sound a bit strange as you are new to it, but don't worry.
Running the Reg check makes the changes and you are then asked if you want to back up the changes. Always say yes, but having said that I have never had to re-instate a backup.
Then if you find something isn't the same afterwards you just go to the backup and "merge" it back into the registry.

  gazmix 22:07 22 Apr 2008

Once i run the reg check, it will then ask if i want to back-up, i say yes, & then it creates a folder in 'my documents' yeh?
How do i 'Merge' if i need to?

  brundle 22:11 22 Apr 2008

No, it just saves the file as a cc_date_time.reg file in My Documents, or where-ever you choose. Double click on the .reg file to merge it into the registry, you will see a requester asking if you are sure although there is a security tweak on some systems that prevents merging in this way, in which case you'd load the Registry Editor (start menu/run, type regedit then press return) and choose File/Import.

  djsigma 22:12 22 Apr 2008

Personally I would forget using the registry cleaning feature. I'm a big fan of the program and I've been using it for a long time, but I know of several people that have had minor problems after cleaning their registry with it. Considering you're unlikely to notice any kind of performance boost, even if the registry is full of "issues", it's just not worth it IMO. If you do want to clean the registry, then I'd recommend the free program RegSeeker over CCleaner.

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