CCleaner - Cookies

  RKMonty 11:14 20 Mar 2009

Hi have just downloaded CCleaner.
I notice that one if the options is to 'Remove Cookies'...what are the advantages or disadvantages of doing this.
I believe Cookies dont take up much space and are harmless ??

  iscanut 11:24 20 Mar 2009

You can control what you keep and what you delete. In CCleaner go to Options, then Cookies so that you can see what you have installed and then keep/delete as required. You are correct, they don't take up much space but you may not want some of them kept if they have only been added whilst casually browsing and they are not used by sites that you regularly visit.

  birdface 11:45 20 Mar 2009

Keep the ones you want.If I remember right you move them to the right hand box to save them and the rest will be deleted when you run C Cleaner.

  march 14:38 20 Mar 2009

don't know about any advantages/disadvantages I just let ccleaner clean them out each time it runs.

  gazzaho 19:15 20 Mar 2009

I may be wrong but some cookies store the login information used when logging into forums such as this, negating the need to log in every time you visit the site. As buteman say keep the ones you want and delete the rest.

  iscanut 20:03 20 Mar 2009

gazzaho is correct so keep the cookies that are used by sites such as this where you log in with name and password. If you delete such cookies, you will need to log in again manually. Not a problem but worth bearing in mind.

  john bunyan 13:44 21 Mar 2009

No, the cookies if removed do not get rid of the log in info on this forum (at least on my XP).

  iscanut 14:35 21 Mar 2009

It does on my setup !

  john bunyan 18:51 21 Mar 2009

What I meant was, I click the first letter of my e mail address in - it self completes, then I log in and it has remembered my password.

  AL47 20:39 21 Mar 2009

it gets rid of everything on mine

  bremner 15:31 22 Mar 2009

Usernames and passwords may be stored within cookies but also if you allow Windows to save passwords they are also stored elsewhere.

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