beauchampboiler 20:16 04 Jun 2009

I recently downloaded and installed CCleaner from the internet and ran the Registry cleaner scan. It reported numerous problems and offered to fix them. I just need some reassurance that fixing these problems won't mess up my computer because I've heard horror stories about computers that have been messed up by bad registry changes. Is CCleaner a trustworthy program?

  tullie 20:18 04 Jun 2009


  beauchampboiler 20:25 04 Jun 2009

Thanks a lot, it ran without any problems.

  Sea Urchin 21:16 04 Jun 2009

Before you fix the problems it asks whether you want to save a backup - say yes and it would then be very easy to reinstate if there was a problem. Having said that - in several years of use I have never had to reinstate the registry after use.

  FatboySlim71 22:37 04 Jun 2009

I have too used CCleaner for years and have never had any problems, always backup your registry when asked by CCleaner, saying that though I have never needed to restore the registry backup but its always best to backup just in case.

  Stuartli 00:34 05 Jun 2009

I always use the Registry section of CCleaner immediately after installing or uninstalling software or utilities - it cleans up, for instance, any superfluous or unwanted entries.

I've only done backups if a large number of issues are listed, but generally I don't bother. It has never caused any concerns as a result.

  User-1229748 00:59 05 Jun 2009

same as above,i've never had a problem with any part of ccleaner at all :o)

  mooly 07:12 05 Jun 2009

Never had any issues with CC but suspect it's rather "gentle" .... a good thing definitely ... don't get me wrong. See,
click here
If you export (backup) one of the registry files complete it's of the order of 26mb in size. You do wonder whether a few leftover entries of only a few 10's or hundreds of bytes is an issue at all.
Having said that I do run it though :)

  sunnystaines 08:18 05 Jun 2009

Keep to default sections as to what it cleans if it runs problem free.

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