eysha 15:32 15 Sep 2008

Okay so i have mentioned this programe before and i have watched youtube vids on it too but nobody, that i have found, tells you what not to delete. Not wanting my computer to crash or develope other nasties i like to play it safe and therefore what dangers are there in deleting things from this programe? I don't want to delete anything from my favourits section. what items should i leave unticked for complete safety and if i do go wrong how do i rectify the mistake other than do a system restore?

  peter99co 15:47 15 Sep 2008

On my first run I took off all the ticks and ran analyse on one tick at a time. I let it show up what it was finding and if I did not fancy proceeding I unticked and went to next line.

This allowed me to see what it was finding and gave me confidence to delete step by step.

You can do a backup when dealing with registry with the built in save.

Don't clean if you are uncertain but most will tell you CCleaner removes junk and not good stuff.

You should always keep a backup. Even if you don't use CCleaner.

  tullie 15:51 15 Sep 2008

I have allways run it in the default settings and its fine

  Clapton is God 15:52 15 Sep 2008

You can safely tick every box in CCleaner (except perhaps Internet History).

As peter99co has already said, it only removes junk - nothing more.

It doesn't touch programs, documents or Favourites.

  eysha 15:53 15 Sep 2008

Thanks for the replies, i appreciate it. I am unsure not just for myself but for other family members who reply on me so that is why i really want to be safe.

  eysha 15:55 15 Sep 2008

Thanks Clapton is God, i didn't know that so i feel better now.

  Condom 16:09 15 Sep 2008

Hi CiG
Don't know whether to start a new link on this but have you any comments on CC Advanced settings choices. I agree with everything else you say.

  provider 2 16:09 15 Sep 2008

This is a useful guide, but I don`t think it`s all that good an idea to tick the boxes in the Advanced section: click here
(Of the cleaner part, I mean.)

  ened 16:11 15 Sep 2008

I hate it and fail to see what purpose it serves.

I have been building my own computers for ten years and have never used it (until recently - once)and indeed have never needed to use it.

I never had any serious problems until I did use it. My machine has not been the same since!!!

  provider 2 16:13 15 Sep 2008
  eysha 16:16 15 Sep 2008

ened i am sorry to hear that. what happened and why didn't it work for you?

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