podlod 09:41 10 Jul 2008

Hi, I have had CCCleaner for some time now, and they have asked me if i want to download the new version which I have now done so. The prob being is that I have other icons of the other CCCleaners with all different dates on the icon that I have downloaded previously, so can I delete these other cleaners or do they work in unison with the new I have just downloaded? thanks for any help.

  rdave13 09:47 10 Jul 2008

Delete the icons and just leave any one. It will open to the new version.

  johndrew 09:48 10 Jul 2008

You only need one version on your PC and when you install a later version it overwrites the old one. The `icons` you refer to are, presumably, the installation packages you downloaded; once installed you can delete them, but it is worth keeping the latest version in case of problems as it will save a further download.

  kalignorgna 09:49 10 Jul 2008

the new CCleaner will work indepenentenley of the others. updates work in one of two ways remember they ether copy over the top of the existing progam thus replaceing it with uptodate program or install a new stand alsone program

  rdave13 09:56 10 Jul 2008

As kalignorgna says all the Ccleaner versions will work as standalone programs. The way I install newer versions is 'over the top install'. When you get the download box open, click on run, not save. Then when it asks you if you wish to add a desktop icon and a quick launch icon then untick the boxes as you have them already.

  kalignorgna 10:29 10 Jul 2008

once youve downloaded uninstall old then install new in same folder that way your sure about whats goin on in your system

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