Causes of wear and tear to my notebook hard drive

  maxdoras 13:50 13 Jul 2007

I understand that a hard drive is made to withstand a certain number of boots (several thousand). Much of the time I leave my notebook in hybernation and I wake it up several times each day. Does this "returning to Windows" equate with a boot up? Does it "punish" my hard drive the same as a boot?

Also, are there other tasks or operations that accelerate the wear & tear to the hard drive?

  skidzy 13:54 13 Jul 2007

Interesting point Max.

I doubt it would class as a bootup or even reboot as programs are loaded,therefore less stress on the hdd.

" Also, are there other tasks or operations that accelerate the wear & tear to the hard drive? "

Thats a good point and something we will have to wait for.Vista is reknown for thrashing the harddrive almost i wonder how long the drives will last with all that activity.

  crosstrainer 14:21 13 Jul 2007

Everlasting light bulb, it can be made, but you only buy one! Hdd's could be made to last a lot longer than they do at present, but then we wouldn't need so many new ones.

Interesting point about Vista, it most certainly canes the 2 sata drives on my Vista rig, not so much on the 2 xp machines time will tell.

If the disk has to spin back up after hibernation i guess you could say it was half a boot!

  skidzy 14:24 13 Jul 2007

Any views why exactly Vista hammers the sata drives relentlessly ?

Ive read a few threads via Google,but nothing gives a detailed explaination.

Mine are always being hammered by Vista,though no problems :-) YET !

  maxdoras 21:10 16 Oct 2007

I think I'll just stay with xp and wait 'till "they" put out a unit with drives that can withstand Vista.

  woodchip 21:19 16 Oct 2007

Not be all that long when you can forget Hard Disc's. Solid State Disc's are starting to take over its just the price at the moment. Prices will fall as they become more popular

  interzone55 21:26 16 Oct 2007

I don't understand your point here.

The MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) of a standard hard drive is well over 100,000 hours (over 11 years). If a drive is running constantly then it isn't starting & stopping, and stays at a pretty constant temperature.

If you power your laptop down to hibernate the drive stops, when you wake it up the drive starts again. It's this starting & stopping that causes the most problems.

  woodchip 21:32 16 Oct 2007

There are fors and against stop starting a hard drive

  umbongo(uk) 23:57 16 Oct 2007

fact is its a mechanical part anything tht create,s
wear and tear will come to an end due to friction

thts why there a mtbf

hopefully flash based hdd will sort it but for now mechanicle is cheapest

its like car parts you need to change em every so often due to use

most of the time increasing ram with mean less hdd seek use, as programs are loaded to memorey thus hdd will spin up and down less

  DieSse 00:06 17 Oct 2007

Laptop hard drives power down automatically after a period of inaction, to conserve power. So it makes no difference whether you switch the laptop off, hibernate it, or leave it in standby - it will still be going through the same power on/off cycling.

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