catch-22 when installing an isp

  palinka 15:44 17 Jul 2004

A neighbour has asked me to install an isp on his pc (OS is XP). He bought the pc in Oct 03 and though Norton is installed it has never been updated, because no isp. I can't update for him without an isp, but when I install the isp he will be exposed instantly to all recent viruses and my second job will be to remove them!
Is there a way round this catch-22 problem? I use AVG, not Norton, so presumably I cannot use a method involving downloading from Norton to my system.

  bremner 15:51 17 Jul 2004

So long as he runs Norton Live Update without opening IE or an E Mail program the chances of being infected are extremely small

but if you are so worried why not install AVG on your friends machine. You can download the updates onto your machine and transfer and install on his.

Then when you connect to the ISP he will be covered.

  ste_bla 16:11 17 Jul 2004

download a firewall to lessen risks even more?

  palinka 16:25 17 Jul 2004

Bremner, I assume I would have to disable Norton temporarily so it didn't conflict with AVG.
Not "worried", just trying to save myself unneccesary work.
thanks , ste_bla, I believe there is a firewall installed.

  bremner 16:28 17 Jul 2004

Yes you would.

  pj123 16:35 17 Jul 2004

Uninstall Norton first, if it is that far out of date there is no money lost. Now download AVG on your PC which will give you the latest version and then install on your neighbours PC. Set him/her up with an internet account and, once done, run AVG. After that, just advise him/her how to keep AVG current.

  palinka 16:47 17 Jul 2004

thanks, everyone

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