catastrphic failure...?

  nick_j007 00:00 18 Apr 2003

Just had a slight fright (evening all BTW) did a system restore on my Windows XP home system and when opening my pictures it said (sorry failed to note it down) something about some files and then below CATASTROPHIC FAILURE. I clicked OK, and it went on as normal.
What's all that about then? Never seen it before, and it makes me want to run for a CD ROM to do some backing up of my treasured pic's.

All thoughts greatfully appreciated.

Cheers, Nick

  MAJ 00:07 18 Apr 2003

Would need to see what the error message was, nick_j007, but backup those "treasured pic's" anyway, just in case.

  nick_j007 00:14 18 Apr 2003

Ok MAJ. Sorry I failed to note it I went into a phase of trying to keep calm and actually got into a mild flap over it.
Does the term 'Catastrophic failure' sound legit. to you as I wondered if it were a prank or something?


  MAJ 00:32 18 Apr 2003

It's legit all right, nick_j007, it's one of those fantastically descriptive and helpful (not) error messages that Windows uses. That's why I was wondering what the other error message was to see if any light could be shed on it.

  nick_j007 09:10 18 Apr 2003

Ok MAJ thanks.

Have backed up the pics this morning and as far as I can see there are no after effects of this message.
Can I go somewhere on the system that keeps a log of such catastrophic messages and re read it or investigate further.
Finally, does catastrophic mean catastrophic if you get my drift?


  MAJ 09:34 18 Apr 2003

Take a look at the Event Viewer by going to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event viewer and double click the entries in the right-hand pane, nick_j007, see if you can spot anything in there. It seems that Catastrophic doesn't actually mean CATASTROPHIC.

  nick_j007 09:47 18 Apr 2003

Had a look through all that MAJ and I can see nothing to be concerned about that ties in with the time and date of it occuring.
Put it down to experience then?


PS> Thanks for your reply this morning. Any further replies from you I shall read later. I am getting ready for a BBQ here for lunch....and dare I say, a beer or two?

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