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  Leslie-212488 10:52 04 Oct 2007

Hi, all,
first time posting in this forum, so bear with me.
My wife has the 24 page catalogue that she wants to put online. She used Word to produce this A5 booklet, so it is already in electronic format.
The thing is it,s full of pictures which takes it over 25MB in size.
If i convert this to a pdf document will it reduce the overall size? What if in the future
she wants to make downloadable, can it be compressed. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
PS. How can i get a pdf doc. to open in a new window, and not in the open web page?

  mco 13:48 04 Oct 2007

what kind of program are you using for your website? If I had a catalogue I wanted to put online I would put it up as webpages rather than in pdf format because I think it would be easier to move around in for prospective buyers. Although if as you say she wants it to be downloadable in future then yes, you can compress the pdf file - upload it as a zip file and then link to the zip file from your site so customers then have to save and unzip themselves. If they really want. As for making it open in a new window,how this is done depends on what webprogram you are using - if you can get into the code of the site you need to type in target="blank" and that will open it into a new window. If you say what you are using to make your site then people can point you to how you can do it with that particular program

  Leslie-212488 19:26 04 Oct 2007

thanks for the quick reply,
i am afraid that i am doing it the hard way, no program, just XHTML. I could do the catalogue as web pages, like you said. The pictures are already, i can used paintshop pro to minimise them. actually it might not be that difficult.
page size, i was going to use 760px by 800px and have 12 images per page image size 160px by 200px,
3 rows and 4 columns.

If i did that, how huch more work would it take to turn it into a online shop. She already trades on Ebay, and has a PayPal acc.
She was going to use it as a shop front only. If you then wanted to place an order, you would be directed to her Ebay shop.
Suggestion most appreciated.
where do i type, target="blank" in the source code.
i have something like this;
<embed src"=test.pdf">click here for pdf</embed>

To get round the problem i created an link to a blank page, and embed the pdf in there.
so when i click on the link, a page opens displaying the pdf.

  Leslie-212488 07:30 05 Oct 2007

I tried NOF 8, a year ago, some how we did not get on. i suppose i wanted to be in control with hand coding.
I am not sure i got your explaination about compressing the images. There are 22 pages with 9 pictures per page. Do i compress a page at a time?
Sorry i am a bit lost.

RE; hand coding, i designed a template using tables and a CSS page which i link to each page.

any suggestions welcomed.
I want to design an A5 flier, can i do using XHTML? Do you have any reccomendations?

  mco 07:49 05 Oct 2007

yes, you'd have to compress one image at a time.

  mco 08:01 05 Oct 2007

I think you are making things more difficult than they need to be. Sure it is useful to be able to hand code but it isn't necessary these days as you can have the 'control' as you say with a number of wysiwyg products. NOF8 isn't much good at letting you alter the html but dreamweaver is; you could have the best of both worlds there. I don't understand about your A5 flier - do you mean for the website or to print off on paper? As for putting the pdf online to open up in a new window, could you not just ftp it up and make a link to it to open in a new window? I know very little about hand coding so I am sure forum member will correct this but (assuming PCA doesn't mess this up) <a href = "catalogue.pdf" target = "blank" alt = "catalogue" > click here for catalogue < / a >

  Leslie-212488 13:43 05 Oct 2007

I tried the target=blank, code, and it worked.
I have taken onboard all your comments and is deciding what to do.
I think you will be hearing from me in the near future.
Many thanks for all you help.

  DieSse 14:26 07 Oct 2007

"If i convert this to a pdf document will it reduce the overall size?"

Yes it will. I do this with many, many documents I use on Estate agents websites. It has a huge advantage that it preserves formatting/layout and unusual fonts that you may have used in your catalogue.

It would also pay you to resize the images before you convert to pdf too - I see the instructions are above.

I use Primo free pdf Writer. It works flawlessly for me, even on complex Word documents, and adds nothing to the pages. It also has adjustable compression for the text and images independently. So you can easily play with varying amounts of compression for visual appearance/file size balancing.

click here

  Leslie-212488 17:32 07 Oct 2007

thanks for the info, Guys,
Diesse, the Primo free converter. do you use the online version or the desktop version.
I have used the online version, seems pretty good.
But it will not let you convert files above 1MB.
The files i wish to convert are above 1MB. Will the desktop version allow files above 1MB?

  Leslie-212488 17:57 07 Oct 2007

Hi Guys,

i could not get the instructions to work.
i am using word 2002.
only diff is i have to l click an image, the sel format fron the toolbar. After that everything is as per the instructions. I click apply, but it does not come with "compressing images" as you would expect. I then saved the doc as ... But there is no difference in size.
what am i doing wrong

  DieSse 23:16 07 Oct 2007

We found a program for another query, which compresses Word documents and seems to work well

click here see this thread, and this link to the program click here

I use the downloaded version of Primo, click here

As a trial for you, I compressed a 16MB Word document to a 284KB pdf (using my compression parameters which are set to more compression than the default) - came perfectly suitable for on line viewing, and quite acceptable for printing.

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