Catalyst Drivers?

  Gigs 23:22 19 Apr 2005

I have a Saphire Radeon 9600 Pro Atlantis graphics card and want to update the drivers.

In device manager it appears my existing ones are

Is that correct or am I looking in the wrong place to identify them?

Also do I need the catalyst drivers or non catalyst.

I am using Win XPpro.


  kakellie 23:37 19 Apr 2005

updated drivers here click here

  Gigs 23:56 19 Apr 2005

Thanks for that link. Can you interpret what drivers I currently have from the info I gave? Also I assume from the link that I need catalyst drivers.

  Gigs 01:10 20 Apr 2005


  rubella 02:55 20 Apr 2005

These should work well with your card click here

  tinthedad 04:57 20 Apr 2005

Sorry to but in I have a Radeon 9800 pro, I have the ATI catalyst drivers at the moment, but MSI live utility has different drivers I can download ! Which should I use gang ? XP Home AMD 3000 XP

  rubella 19:52 20 Apr 2005


Again I would suggest the Omegas. They are weapon of choice for the hardcore. In essence, they are a tweaked version of the ATI ones. In this instance they are based on Catalyst 5.2.

Click on ATI Radeon/Click on XP/Pick a mirror.

click here

  Gigs 20:39 20 Apr 2005

Sorry for the delay in replying .Appreciate your advice, I will try the driver you suggest.

Can you tell me from the figures given in my original post which drivers I currently have loaded. I have difficulty interpreting it.


  gudgulf 20:56 20 Apr 2005

The drivers you are currently using are ATI Catalyst version 4.11

These are fairly recent drivers but it will do no harm to upgrade ---and I can promise you that the Omega drivers will work very well with a 9600pro (It's the combination I have on my No2 pc,lol)

  Gigs 21:00 20 Apr 2005

Thank you very much for that advice.
Just one more thing, the Omega drivers show at about 15 mb download whereas the official ATI ones come out at about 32mb. Do you know why that is?

  gudgulf 21:09 20 Apr 2005

There are different versions of the official ATI drivers...the basic one using a simple control panel, and a much bigger download to get the one that uses the "Catalyst Control Centre" which is a more glitzy version of the control panel with a few extra features (that's the 32MB one)

With Omega drivers the control panel used is the basic version but with all the functions available in the Control Centre added.Plus an overclocking tool as well.Other than that the differences are down to the tweaks that are applied to the Omega drivers.Just be aware that they are not done for Benchmark performance but for image quality,stability and in-game performance.

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