cassetts to CD

  carolann 17:47 10 Jul 2006

Hi I have a lot of music tapes/cassetts and was wondering if there was anyway of transfering them to CD's via PC. If possible how do you go about it. If no way via PC any other suggestions?
tc carolann

  Diemmess 18:03 10 Jul 2006

All sorts of ways
Basically you need an outlet from the cassette player (ext LS or phones) which you connect to line-in on your pc sound socket.
You then record on your pc HD and later copy these to a cd.

Good impedance match between player and sound card. May be necessary to buy a preamplifier from Maplin to avoid poor quality from a mismatch.
File handling needs software, but free Audacity can be downloaded and used in recording and simple editing.

  carolann 18:14 10 Jul 2006

Hi Thanks Diemmess, think I understand that will work way through and try. Cannot afford to spend a lot, but on the other hand have a lot of good "old" music on cassetts.
thanks again
tc carolann

  carolann 23:09 16 Jul 2006

Hi am bringing this to top again as checked out Matlins as suggested and just wanted to clarify type of Preamplifier. Is it "microphone" Pre I require?
tc carolann

  Wak 09:57 17 Jul 2006
  Carronade 10:29 17 Jul 2006

"Bumping" for future reference.

  Diemmess 10:32 17 Jul 2006

The Maplin mic. preamp is not cheap click here but is good. Has its own power adapter and worked very well for me when making CDs from my old LPs.

Impedance matching is the buzz word. This will usually match the low signal level from a tape deck or phono pickup to the mic_in on the PC.

NB If you have an extension speaker outlet on the tape player, you certainly don't need a pre-amplifier, and will probably be OK to connect that with the line_in on your PC.

What you will need whatever you use, are suitable connecting leads, 3.5mm jacks for the PC end and whatever you have at the source end. You can buy these at a local TV Hi-Fi shop

It is probably my hangover from long long ago, Maplin say you need 1/4 inch jacks for their pre-amp but I call them phono plugs!!

  Bogbrain 11:46 17 Jul 2006

It's now quite easy to also transfer vcr tapes to disk via a dvd recorder. It's the same principle as above but the conversion goes straight to disk rather than via the pc.

  carolann 13:10 17 Jul 2006

Thanks everyone for info will have a go now as also have old LP's from around "100 yrs" back would like to have them on CD's too. You cannot beat the oldies.....
Bumping yes realized this but wanted to ask for specific info.
tc carolann

  stlucia 16:11 17 Jul 2006

Extension speaker or headphone outlet on your player is okay, but ideally you need a line-out socket. Higher-spec cassette players may have this, and you won't need a preamp then because it's properly matched to the line-in on your PC sound card.

The output from line-out will not be affected if you fiddle with the volume or tone controls on your player, whereas the output from speaker or headphone sockets will.

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