Cassette Tape Audio on to PC

  pgj 14:28 20 Mar 2008

How do I transfer some old cassette tapes (And perhaps even vial LP's) on to my PC. My cassette and record deck are phone output.

How/where do I plug these in to my PC and what program do I use to store and convert the real time input to MP3.

  john bunyan 14:53 20 Mar 2008

1. What operating system - XP ,Vista etc ?
2. Do you have a sound card? If so it should have its own software and you can plug the phono from your cassette amplifer etc into the input - microphone - socket of the soundcard.(I have Creative Soundblaster X-Fi). Create a folder in "My Music". Then record via the soundcard software.Not sure if on board sound has a microphone input.
If you have no software there is a wide choice - no doubt others will comment, but I have Roxio Creative suite 10. I think Windows Media Player may do it. Too long to go into here but you need to decide what compression you want on MP3.

  DippyGirl 14:56 20 Mar 2008

Need to connect the tape-out from your amp to the line-in on your PC then play the media and record on the PC ... click here or you could use the headphone->line-in (but you need to watch the volume levels)
Look at audacity if you want a good recorder
Maplins are good for most cabling needs

  ambra4 15:15 20 Mar 2008

You need a RCA to 3.5mm plug audio cable

From the audio output on the Cassette Deck or Record Player to the Line In on PC sound card

Sample of cable required

click here

Most people use Audacity program

click here

Personal I use Cool Edit Pro, which is professional audio editing software

click here

  pgj 18:51 20 Mar 2008

Thanks for all the help so far - Sorry I didn't put some of the important facts down:

My system is:
XP pro SP2
My sound card is built in to my mother Board:
A search for Audio devices answered :
Realtek High Definition Audio

When I right click the Speaker the audio pannel that appears does not show any input controls.

  ambra4 19:12 20 Mar 2008

Check at the back of the computer there is a three 3.5mm socket

Pink one is the Microphone Input

Light Green is the Speaker Output

Light Blue the Line In Input

Open the Control Panel and click on the Sound and Audio Devices

You can how adjust the audio playback and recording and the controls on the audio mixer

Double click on the speaker icon on the task bar will display the mixer controls where you

can adjust the IN and OUT audio

  DieSse 11:26 21 Mar 2008

"When I right click the Speaker the audio pannel that appears does not show any input controls."

Double Click the speaker icon, then choose Options - Properties - you will (normally) find you can choose to view Playback (the standard) or Recording controls.

The light blue - line-in - is the connector to use - do not use the microphone one, it's far to sensitive.

  DieSse 11:31 21 Mar 2008

A phono output directly from a record deck is almost certainly totally wrong for feeding into a sound card. You need a line level output, from an amplifier or special cartridge pre-amplifier. Or you can buy some devices that perform the same function and are specially made for connecting record decks to computers.

Only very very few record decks produce line level outputs - these have the cartridge pre-amplifier built-in.

  pgj 16:39 26 Mar 2008

Just wanted to say a big thanks to all for the replies and help - and a bigger sorry that it has taken so long to get back on to this thread.

I shall be setting myself up to do some copying of my old compilation tapes very soon.

  Jelly Sculptress 22:27 01 May 2008

Hi, I guess this problem comes up a lot, but I can't fix mine. I have a Panasonic SA-AK410 and have connected it up from its aux sockets to my line-in socket on my pc. I have Magix audio cleaning lab deluxe and audacity. I play a tape and click on record on the software and no sound registers. I've checked "line-in" on the volume controls, it makes no difference. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thank you.

  Jelly Sculptress 22:28 01 May 2008

Forgot to say my os is XP.

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