Cassette & LP Ripping - Connection Problem

  flow276 20:55 17 Nov 2004

I have a Mesh Matrix 64 with XP Home Edition. I want to rip some tracks from old cassettes and LPs. I am using MusicMatch Jukebox plus. I have a new lead (1 x mini-jack to 2 x RCA) which I have connected to the line-in on the Audigy 2 Gold Sound Card but the problem is where do I connect to on my (ageing) hi-fi? The hi-fi consists of amp, tape deck and turntable. Turntable is connected to the phono ports on the amp. The tape deck is connected to the Tape Play In and Tape Rec Out on the amp. That leaves Dat Out, Dat In, Aux, Video Out, Video In, Tuner & CD.
Any suggestions? Many thanks.

  GrahamP 22:05 17 Nov 2004

One of the outs, I guess. But whether it will work depends whether the preamp does RIAA equalisation. If it doesn't, Maplins have a cheapie.

click here for more info.

  flow276 06:54 18 Nov 2004

GrahamP - Thanks for the info. The docs for the amp do not mention RIAA equalisation, so presumably it is not the right spec?

  Philwane 07:51 18 Nov 2004

If its an old Hi-Fi Amp it will already have RIAA correction and you should be ok connecting to the PC through AUX or TAPE Out

  stlucia 12:51 18 Nov 2004

AUX should be okay.

  stlucia 12:56 18 Nov 2004

... but it may include IN and OUT functions. Is it a circular multi-pin socket (a DIN plug), which means you would have to determine which pins are signal IN and which are OUT; or a couple of pairs of phono sockets which should be separately labelled IN and OUT?

If the former, it might be easier to temporarily unplug your tape from the tape out socket, and use that for recording to your PC.

  [email protected]#36 13:55 18 Nov 2004

My 1982 amp works fine with the AUX sockets. Unfortunately since installing XP the recordings are very poor using NERO.
Ho Hum

  flow276 23:26 18 Nov 2004

Thanks everyone for the advice. The Amp is c. 1989 and I have RCA sockets (right and left) on all of the ports I listed in my initial thread. There are no DIN plugs. The bad news is that I have tried the AUX sockets without any success.

  flow276 23:29 18 Nov 2004

When you say tape out, do you mean the Tape Rec Out sockets on the amp or the Tape Play Out sockets on the Tape Deck?

  Philwane 08:48 19 Nov 2004

Tape out on amp

  Spanglish 08:53 19 Nov 2004

flow276,If you try the 'tape rec out' which should give a line out signal.

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