cassette to digital

  elliejenny 13:29 31 Aug 2009


I have a room full of cassette tapes that I want to digitise. Looking at the various products I am wondering which is the best. Can anyone give direction?


  Terry Brown 13:52 31 Aug 2009

This link will give you all the advice you need

click here=

This is a link to a Free Nero Wwav editor..

click here

Personally I use Nero 7, for my recording needs, however there are plenty of freebies out there.

All you need to do is plug one end of your cable (3.5mm jack (?) in the output of the recorder and the other end into the MIC of your computer,start the tape then goto your audio control, and play with the settings until you get a good quality sound.

  spectroscopic 15:37 31 Aug 2009

I personaly used sound forge and the input on my creative audigy sound card. It work fine. I have heard a rumour that you can get filters to take the hiss out of the tape.

  eedcam 18:52 31 Aug 2009

I would just get Audacity its free if you have a decent deck with line out use that.Bear in mind all transfer is done in real time so you have maany many hours of work ahead just getting it on the pc
click here

  john bunyan 19:40 31 Aug 2009

I usa a paid for programme : Roxio Creator 2009 . I think there is a later version just out. You can capture the cassette music, fade in and out, get music id tags and burn to various formats - I use .mp3 at 128 Mbps. Yes, eedcam's point applies - it is done in real time, but you can record the whole side of a cassette without hovering over it, then split it up for editing or not keeping all the tracks.

  spectroscopic 21:21 31 Aug 2009

I am with eedcam. I remember my son was using audacity and it is free. It is also used by the students in my school. It only saves as wav files, not a problem really. You can download a freeware converter that works with it.

  woodchip 21:54 31 Aug 2009

First you need the Deck to play the Tapes in, with output sockets to fit one of these into click here

  eedcam 22:12 31 Aug 2009

Spectro audacity also saves as Mp3 there is afree plugin that goes with it

  spectroscopic 22:13 31 Aug 2009

I just used an old sony walkman and plugged a jack to jack lead in the headphone socket and into the record (microphone) on my sound card

  spectroscopic 22:16 31 Aug 2009

Do you know the name of that converter please eedcam. I have had to, rather embarasingly rip a cassete with audacity then burn the wav to cd then rip the cd to mp3 before now.

  john bunyan 08:24 01 Sep 2009

Creative X -Fi sound cards(if you have one), and i Tunes both have .wav to .mp3 converters.

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