Case wiring

  blackmoon 12:46 14 Jan 2003
  blackmoon 12:46 14 Jan 2003

Ok I really need help for this one! I've been connecting the case wires, but cant figure out where to put a couple of them. I have front panel audio and USB on my case. One of the USB connectors has USB1 printed on it, then it has 2 seperate wires coming from it, one with V on it and the other with USB3 on it. The other USB is the same but has USB2 on the large connector, and V, and USB4. Theres also speaker connector, and two audio connectors for the front panel. HELP!!!

  mark3110 13:10 14 Jan 2003

Out comes the crystal ball again! Damn Ive dropped it!!!

Which mother bord are you using? Do you have a manual for the mother board that tells you where to connect them? If not, have you been to the manufacturers web site to see if there is one you can look at?

We really do need more info.



  blackmoon 15:10 14 Jan 2003

Its a MSI 845e max i do have a manual but still dont understand where they go. I dont know what the audio connectors are called but they are like speaker system connectors which fit straight into a soundcard???

  mark3110 15:49 14 Jan 2003

How many pin holes does the audio cable have? is it plug form or seperate pin connectors?

They fit onto JAUD1 Which is a jumper set of pins on the left hand side of the motherboard. Its clearly marked in the manual.

The USB1 goes to pin 1 USB to pin3 and V to pin 5
USB2 goes on the line of pins above JUSB1 with pin 2 being above pin 1.

hope its a help

  blackmoon 16:15 14 Jan 2003

The audio cables are like the plug you would have on set of headphones, theres one saying mic and the other, aux. The USB cables don't reach that far.

  barrie_g 17:30 14 Jan 2003

if you click here it should help

  mark3110 17:32 14 Jan 2003

The audio cables must go out the back of the case and plug into the audio sockets at the back of the case.
The USB cables dont reach the bottom of the motherboard? The USB connections are at the bottom on the right hand side.


  barrie_g 20:06 14 Jan 2003

page 2-18 of your manual for audio

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