The Case of the Vanishing Homepage...

  A-R 18:06 21 Feb 2003

I have a Freeserve Account but everytime I open IE or click on Home, the page loads but appears completely blank.

I have just run Spybot S&D and I'm worried that that may have something to do with it, but not sure.

IE runs as normal, and I haven't had any problems viewing any other pages but I want to make sure I'm not gonna have a problem in the future.

It may of course be a problem with Freeserve itself, so if anyone with a Freeserve account is having the same thing happen to them then please tell me.

Otherwise anyother advice on what the problem maybe and how I might be able to fix this little problem with IE on WinME OS would be appriciated.

  Pesala 18:11 21 Feb 2003

Look in the address bar to see if your Home Page has changed for some reason. If so, go to Tools, Internet Options and change it back to what you want.

  Belatucadrus 18:19 21 Feb 2003

Freeserve uses Javascript, if you have a security package on the system, check that it isn't blocking Java. I achieved exactly the same result using Naviscope, by removing the block I got Freeserve back as normal. I doubt it's Spybot causing the problem.

  Forum Editor 18:19 21 Feb 2003

and it would be an idea to navigate to your chosen home page and then click 'use current' in the Internet options section of IE.

That will reset your homepage.

  A-R 18:44 21 Feb 2003

The address of the homepage is correct, it was the first thing I checked. But I have recently installed Norton PF'03, although the problem didn't start until I used Spybot.

I'll check the security settings.

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