Case of the vanishing desktop!

  podlod 13:47 29 Nov 2007

Hi, problem being is that 2 or 3 times a day when I am working on my pc, for no apparent reason all my shortcuts from my desktop screen along with my toolbar just disappears, and all I have left is my picture on the screen. I then have to reeboot to access them all again?? anybody have any ideas.
Thanks for any help.

  BurrWalnut 14:04 29 Nov 2007

Go here click here and scroll down to line 195 on the right hand column and download the file.

Save the REG File to your hard disk. Double click it and answer yes to the import prompt.

  podlod 08:01 30 Nov 2007

Hi burrwalnut, I did as you said and I will have to wait and se, but the icon I downloaded from the site went dirctly to my desktop and not in a drive as I have forgotten how to change download area and it did not give me a choice.
Also sometimes when I start up my pc automatically shuts down and says ` a prob has been detected and shut down your computer, make sure hardware and software are prop installed, and then it says make sure all your updates are there, if it persists open in safe mode and adjust bios for shadows etc???.
I am up to date with updates and I have already re-installed my software, maybe if I do system restore that might help? What do you think?

  BurrWalnut 09:15 30 Nov 2007

I only sent you a little script to correct the missing Desktop. If you have noticed that this and other problems occurred at about the same time, you could restore the system to a date before it happened but remember you will lose any programs/updates you have installed since that date.

Also, if all this started at the same time, it’s possible that you could have caught something nasty, have you run your ‘anti’ programs?

Lastly, when you post error messages, make sure you post the exact wording as it makes it easier to understand and find a solution.

  podlod 10:06 30 Nov 2007

HiBW, Yes I have run my Bit Defender and everything is clear, but I shall now try to restore to a different time, and will let you know.

  podlod 09:11 01 Dec 2007

Hi BW, I said in my last post I would do a restore, but I have not yet done so as I want to give you the rest of the message that comes up when my pc shuts down, and as I said when I start my pc from stand by ( which is what I keep it in all the time ) the screen comes on ok, but after about 10 secs my computer shuts off and a blue screen comes up saying what I said in my previous posts and also as follows; UDFS-FILE-SYSTEM
Disable any new software or hardware and re-instate, if does not work disable bios memory option such as caching or shadowing; well thats a bit beyond me?
Can you please tell me in simple form how I do this, or is it not a wise move? Thank you.

  BurrWalnut 14:31 01 Dec 2007

You don't say whether the message flashes on the screen or is displayed and the machine stops. If it flashes make sure the error message is displayed on the screen by stopping the computer from automatically restarting when an error is encountered, viz. Right-click My Computer > Properties > Advanced Tab then click Settings at the bottom alongside Startup and Recovery then in System Failure untick ‘Auto Restart’.

Now, next time you have a BSOD, the STOP error will be displayed on the screen.
Make a note of the error number (the format is 0x00000aaa, where aaa is the error number, e.g. 05A) and look for an explanation of your error number shown in the left pane here click here

  podlod 10:14 02 Dec 2007

Hi BW, What happens is, when I start up every time my desktop comes up with all icons then after about 10 secs the screen goes completely black then a blue screen comes up with everything I said in my previous posts in white writing, but it is not flashing, it just stays there, and at the end of the info it states as follows;
Tech info;
*** stop : oxoooooo9B ( oxooo4ooDE, oxB99404DO, oxB994o1CC, oxBA71ADFo )
I then start my pc again and it is ok and then a panel comes up and says ` do I want to start the system config in diagnostic, selective start up mode or normal start up mode` but it has always done that so I dont think that it has anything to do with this recent prob, but it would be nice whats best to start it up in? thanks for all the help!!!

  BurrWalnut 10:21 02 Dec 2007

Your stop error 9B is possibly a disk error. From the Recovery Console, run a chkdsk, etc. as per click here

  podlod 08:39 03 Dec 2007

Hi BW, well I went to the site link you advised and it said as you know, use the .cxr ( display context record ) with parameters 3, and then kb ( display track trace ) command, well to you that might mean something, but to me its just gobbeldy gook????is there a chance that you could run it through me in simple form and explain en route. Thanks again for all the help you are giving me.

  BurrWalnut 09:06 03 Dec 2007

Run the chkdsk first, viz. Boot from the XP CD and choose R to repair. This will send you to the Recovery Console where a prompt appears, type chkdsk /f /r and press Enter.

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