Case switch anyone, please?

  GaT7 23:34 20 Dec 2004

Hi, I'm trying to repair a friend's old PC (Tiny) so that he can use it as a 'backup' machine &/or a starter PC for his little daughter. I found the problem is the case's switch has lost it's will to carry on - PC powers off a few seconds after powering on. To confirm my suspicion, I temporarily fitted my PC's switch & it works fine.

Does anyone have a spare case switch or an old PC case from which they can salvage it's switch? I'm talking about the bit that hides behind the power on/off button & has a cable that attaches to the motherboard. Will be willing to pay a small amount for it & postage costs as well.

Or, would be helpful if anyone knows where I may be able to purchase one. I'm aware buying a case will solve the problem but that'll probably work out more than the PC it is meant for - & the friend declined the suggestion, anyway!

Also, will joining the power 'wires' on the motherboard allow me to switch the PC on/off with the PSU switch? If yes, what is the best way to do it? G

  woodchip 23:38 20 Dec 2004

Don't think you would get a case today it's more than likely a AT case. best bet is a Computer salvage or nearest Recycle dump

  dan 11 23:48 20 Dec 2004


"Also, will joining the power 'wires' on the motherboard allow me to switch the PC on/off with the PSU switch? If yes, what is the best way to do it? G "

Seriously consider to download everest home click here and see if this is a AT motherboard. If it is, as woodchip suspects, then do not connect the power wires. These wires will use the full 240Volt's to the power switch and may give you a loud bang or worse.

  woodchip 00:07 21 Dec 2004

Yes I thought he would know that, by what he as done, but better to be remedied than dead

  dan 11 00:20 21 Dec 2004

I have found, Mr. woodchip, from bitter experience. That connecting the wrong terminals to a AT switch can result in a loud bang, hair standing on end and shaking for quite a few minutes. lol

It is not an experience I wish to revisit.;-)

  woodchip 00:22 21 Dec 2004

Yes I have had several 240's not to be recommended

  GaT7 01:16 21 Dec 2004

Thanks guys. You know what I mean, don't you? Thinking of joining the 2 wires - Power headers/connector? - where the case switch's cable plugs into the m'board.

dan 11, thanks for the warning - I wasn't sure, so thought it best to ask first before I fried the m'board &/or myself!! The MB is a Slot-1 ATX & can be seen here - click here (1st one) & picture - click here. Does this change anything - being ATX rather than AT? G

  jimv7 10:07 21 Dec 2004

Maplins, or any electrical shop, get a 240v push button on/off switch, I have done this modification and it works fine.

  jimv7 10:10 21 Dec 2004

A further suggestion is to disconnect the front on/off switch from the motherboard, and connect the restart switch wires in place of.

  jimv7 10:12 21 Dec 2004

Sorry, forgot to add, providing its an ATX psu.

  Gongoozler 10:30 21 Dec 2004

If the switch connects to 2 little pins on the motherboard it's an ATX and only working at 5V. If it connects to the mains cable and the power supplym it's an AT and working at 240V. It's very unlikely to be AT if the computer is more recent than 1998. This is the sort of switch you would need for ATX power click here, but I think Maplin have made a mistake in the dimension given for the switch length!

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