Case noise reduction

  Jsimbaz 09:03 22 May 2005

hi all,

I have a server running in my room 24hrs a day and it has the following spec:

duron 400mhz, ibm 3.4gb hdd, 1 fan 300w psu, 256mb sdram.

I sometimes find it hard to sleep at night with this thing buzzing, there is 1x 80mm fan in the psu, 1x 50mm fan on the cpu and the hard drive is very noisy.

What would be the best thing for quietening the case, spending no more that £20?

I have heard of products like Power Snooze, Magic Fleece and Brown Bread but I don't know where to find them.

Any help appreciated,


  Diemmess 10:37 22 May 2005

Difficult to keep within a £20 budget so just thoughts about things that have no cost..........

Is the case vibrating in resonance with one of the moving internals? - Cure - tighten any loose screws, re-route and tie chunks of cable. Deaden a tinny surface (even a house brick on top!).........Be careful not to impede ventilation.

The fans themselves, (any or all) may be dirty. -Cure switch off and remove each in turn. carefully sweep clean with a soft artist type paintbrush. Pay attention to any heat sink under a fan, the vanes can become stuffed with dust.

Noisy HD..... It should not being making a noise, but you could make sure it is properly screwed into its cage and not just dangling from one screw.

  Jsimbaz 10:41 22 May 2005

checked all screws and tied all cables to make airflow better

do you know of any websites where I can see the various types of noise dampening?

thanks again,


  rubella 10:59 22 May 2005
  Diemmess 11:00 22 May 2005

Magic fleece is mentioned click here about halfway down the page in this article. It seems to be a cork like substance in sheet form. It might stop a thin case resonnating but wont cope with the underlying cause.

I think your solution is to find and quieten the source of the noise rather than quell it once it is there.

Hav you tried a [very] temporary disconnection of the fan on the CPU?

If the source is the fan in the PSU then a replacement unit is by far the best alternative.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 11:06 22 May 2005

click here - not used them but they have a wide range of products.

  Belatucadrus 11:10 22 May 2005

click here

click here

click here

One suggestion that I tried successfully was to use rubber carpet underlay to line the case interior. It must be rubber as the foam types give off dust as they deteriorate, your local carpet warehouse should have some offcuts and it's much cheaper than the kits. You also need to be careful not to restrict airflow. I lost use of the PC for just over a day as I used Evo-Stik impact adhesive to glue it to the case and this reeks as it cures.
You could also try a thermostatically controlled CPU fan click here

  Stuartli 11:18 22 May 2005

If the server is not in general view, the advice of Belatucadrus could be followed but with the damping material applied to the outside of the case (obviously not blocking any air vents). This would reduce the possibility of dust getting into the system.

I used to use a similar damping method to reduce noise levels in some of the cars I owned some years back (not saying how many years); spare carpet cut to size and placed under the original fittings would reduce much of this unwanted noise.

  Stuartli 11:19 22 May 2005

Just a thought - your case fans are blowing in the correct direction I presume?

Most fans are marked with the air flow, but it can prove easy to fit them the wrong way round in some instances.

  Jsimbaz 11:26 22 May 2005

yea, they are all the right way round - well, i haven't changed the power supply and the cpu fan is how it always was

  Jsimbaz 11:33 22 May 2005

could i possibly use a heatsink without a fan for a 400mhz duron? are these called passive or something - if someone could fing one for my socket a 400mhz duron it would be great

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