Case Fans

  Dicmay 14:00 14 Mar 2003


I have a generic pc case with spaces for 2 80mm exhaust fans and 4 80mm intake fans.

The motherboard i have is an Abit Nf7-s. As far as i can tell from the manual there are three fan connectors on the mobo. One is for the cpu fan (cpufan1), one for the psu fan (pwrfan1) and the third is labelled chafan1.

My question is, is it possible to attach 6 80mm fans to this one connector (chafan1). It looks like a 3 pin connector. If so how.

Any help would be greatfully appreciated. I've tried googling but i cant seem to get the answer I'm after.

Cheers :)

  Belatucadrus 18:50 14 Mar 2003

Unwise to connect too many motors to any single connection, best idea would be to check with Abit to see what maximum load they recommend. Why do you want six fans ? it'll sound like a vacuum cleaner.

  Dicmay 19:01 14 Mar 2003

I was advised to fill up all my fan slots. :-/

I'll try with one exhaust and one intake. But the problem still remains that there is only one connector on the board free. Any way around this? Like some sort of Y adaptor.


  Rayuk 19:08 14 Mar 2003

Just buy 80mm fans with a Molex connector and connect direct to the power supply.
Another method is to use a Rheobus to power and control the rpm.
Something like this click here
this is just an example there are many cheaper versions around

  flecc 19:38 14 Mar 2003

You'll end up with more fans than Westlife!

  Dicmay 20:27 14 Mar 2003

Ba Boom!

  Dicmay 20:28 14 Mar 2003

Thanks very much you three.

That rheobus loooks nice :) I'll have a look into that.

Many thanks!

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