case fans

  sunny staines 16:11 24 Jul 2007

never used one before.

have a standard barebones noveatech case that gets hot looking to fit a case fan seen this site click here
looking for maximum cooling with low sound. dont want a silent fan with no out put or the other extreme looking for best balance what to get i presume a 120mm fan will fit all standard cases.

to fit is it just a case of plugging into psu and looking for a relevant pin on m/board.

any advice recommendations please.

  I am Spartacus 17:20 24 Jul 2007

Hi, me again. I can recommend the Redwing 80mm and 120mm fans. Not silent but quiet and the 120mm has a decent airflow (80mm has average).

Double check your case fans to make sure they're 120mm though. My last case had 80mm fans.

120mm fan click here

An expensive way to get a better airflow may be to buy a big case with 120mm fans and rebuild it in that.

  I am Spartacus 17:24 24 Jul 2007

Most motherboards have 3 pin fan connectors but the Redwing fans have a 3 pin connector and an adapter to plug into a standard molex cable.

Do you know what motherboard you have?

Does the case have no fans fitted?

  citadel 17:36 24 Jul 2007

you need one at the front to draw air in and one at the back to expel hot air. there are usually holes in the mesh below the psu where the screws go for the one at the back. sometimes inthe front of the case there are plastic holders where you fit the fan. you will need to look to see which size will fit. on the motherboard there will be at least one set of pins marked sys fan where you just plug the fan in and it uses power from the motherboard. you can also use the adapter on the fan to plug it into the psu.

  sunny staines 17:50 24 Jul 2007


never had a case with a fan, present fan has holes for one fan at the rear.

m/board a foxxcon 661 7MI

[my cpu fan running smooth since clean up fingers crossed]

  sunny staines 17:50 24 Jul 2007

should read present case

  sunny staines 17:55 24 Jul 2007

citadel thanks for the info

  wee eddie 18:52 24 Jul 2007

that it moves into the partial vacuum caused by the removal of air from the back of the case.

As it was once put "Nature abhors a Vacuum"

Forget the fan at the front, any hole will do.

Just get a powerful rear extractor fan whose speed you can vary.

  sunny staines 19:24 24 Jul 2007

wee eddie thanks no option for a front fan on the case.

  wee eddie 22:51 24 Jul 2007

in all likelihood most Input fans are a waste of power and may even cause the PC to run warmer than it should.

Without an input fan, unheated air is drawn in through it Input Duct and makes its way to the exit fan/duct, passing the warm bits and collecting their heat on the way.

With an input fan air is drawn in and shot across the bottom of the PC causing the air within the case to swirl and, not necessarily, be drawn across the surfaces that are needing cooling.

  Mr Beeline 23:29 24 Jul 2007

wee eddie

You make a good point.

Hence why I would recommend something like a Vantech fancard (fitted in your lowest PCI socket). To improve the upward movement of the air.

Out of interest, I've tried disconnecting my from fan and fancard and checked temps. Both idle and load temps are up by a good 5C.

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