Case fan sizes

  slim 65 16:28 07 Jan 2005

I need to order a new case fan. So that I can order the correct size , what are the measuring points on the old fan I need to use .Is it the blade size or the whole assembly. Many thanks.

  Noelg23 16:33 07 Jan 2005

you can buy a case fan in 2 sizes...80mm or 120mm...unless there are otehrs out there who say different...

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:37 07 Jan 2005

Noelg23 is right,all mine are 8cm apart from the one that is stuck on the psu can buy these on ebay £3 inc postage.regards.ben

  slim 65 16:41 07 Jan 2005

Thanks but what I trying to establish is , say on an 80mm fan, is the measurement from blade tip to blade tip or is it across the whole assembly.

  oldal 16:54 07 Jan 2005

Size is measured across the whole assembly.

  Belatucadrus 16:58 07 Jan 2005

Whole assembly.

Case fans available in 60mm, 80mm, 92mm & 120mm though the 80 is the commonest. click here

  slim 65 16:59 07 Jan 2005

Thanks for that. I'll get it on order now.

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