Case fan short circuits system

  palmy mike 14:09 22 Oct 2007

Hi, I have recently built a computer and everything works fine. The one problem I have is the case fan. It's built into the removable side panel. It came with a 4 pin power connector, and a mini 3 pin connector (which is too short to reach the motherboard). I hooked up the 4 pin power and when I turn on, everything fires up along with the fans LED lights, but the fan doesn't actually spin. I bought a little extension lead so that I can now reach the motherboard with the additional mini 3 pin connector. Now, when I turn on the system the fan moves slightly for a second then the power just seems to cut out.

Why is this happening? I can only assume that there isn't enough power coming from the PSU to include the fan. But, I have a hyper 570W PSU which should be ample!

I'm running AMD x2 6000, 2gb ram, 160gb hd, single 8800gts 320mb GPU, and the dvd unit, all on a ASUS M2N4 sli motherboard. Surely I have enough power no?

Any help welcome. Thanks. Mike

  DieSse 14:23 22 Oct 2007

I think the fan must be faulty.

  DieSse 14:23 22 Oct 2007

PS - yes, you have plenty of power.

  keef66 14:35 22 Oct 2007

You have them both connected? I'd assume the 4 pin connector is for attachment to the psu if you want the fan running flat out all the time, and the 3 pin connector for attachment to the mobo if you want the fan speed monitored / controlled by software

  palmy mike 14:45 22 Oct 2007

if I just connect the 4 pin, the LED comes on but no spin. If I try 4 pin and 3 pin together, it runs for a split second then cuts out, same outcome with just the 3 pin connected.

The only other thing worth mentioning is that the extension cable I bought for the short 3 pin wire to reach the motherboard is slightly thicker cable (like, almost unnoticeable). Would that cause a problem?

  DieSse 14:48 22 Oct 2007

"the extension cable I bought for the short 3 pin wire to reach the motherboard is slightly thicker cable (like, almost unnoticeable). Would that cause a problem?"

None whatsoever.

  DieSse 14:49 22 Oct 2007

Is the 4 pin connector a large white molex connector, such as goes the CD drives?

  keef66 14:51 22 Oct 2007

does the mobo control the fan speed via software? Have you tried running the pc for a while to get things toasty to see if the fan kicks in?

Any info with the pc case / fan? Make, model etc??

  palmy mike 14:57 22 Oct 2007

here is the case - click here

The 4 pin connector is a white molex. I have tried leaving it connected and played a demanding game for a couple of hours. The fan never kicked in even when performance was effected from the heat so I doubt it's software controlled

  DieSse 15:01 22 Oct 2007

The fan is faulty if it won't run off a molex power connector.

  DieSse 15:03 22 Oct 2007

It won't be software controleed unless it has a small 4-pin connector to connect to a suitable header on the motherboard.

3-pins only gives power and speed sensing.

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