case fan not working

  nikef 22:10 11 May 2007

hi,can any1 help please

i have been given a pc,with xp on
the case fan does not work,it looks new no dust or grime
i have taken off the side of the case while i worked on pc ,to keep it cool

is the case fan broken,any ideas ?

  mikeben121 22:17 11 May 2007

1) check it is plugged into the power first

2) Is there a fan in the power supply? If so then put the side back on. These things are designed to work that way. It may be that the case fan is not needed.

If the PSU fan works then download something like speed fan from here click here

to check the temps in the box. Look around the web to find what suitable temps are. If the ones reported in your machine are OK then don't worry. My case has three case fans and none work, they are not always necessary.

  nikef 22:22 11 May 2007

1.check fan is plugged into power ?
how do i know if its plugged in there a fan in the power supply
do these fans kick in when pc gets to hot

  ton 23:07 11 May 2007

"how do i know if its plugged in" - the fan will have a wire connected to it, see if the other end is plugged in.

  nikef 10:29 12 May 2007

thanks ton
where do i plug the fan into

  Belatucadrus 12:08 12 May 2007

If it's a 4 pin molex connection click here , check out the power supply as it's probably got a free lead you can plug in to. If it's smaller than that it may be possible to connect to your MOBO if it has a suitable socket. Read the MOBO manual carefully before trying this approach.

  nikef 12:44 12 May 2007

hi thanks
i dont have a moby manual,theres 2 lots of wires comming from power supply box
the link you left,shows its for a 3.5 floppie
is this right ?

  Belatucadrus 13:06 12 May 2007

Ooops, wrong Molex silly me click here

  nikef 13:11 12 May 2007

thanks Belatucadrus
i will have a look

  Technotiger 13:15 12 May 2007

Hi, if it is a case-fan situated on the side wall of the case it is probably not needed. I have such a fan on my case, but I disconnected its leads 'cos it was too noisy for my liking. My pc runs fine without that fan.

  Technotiger 13:16 12 May 2007

BTW taking off the side 'to keep it cool' has the opposite effect.

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