Case Fan - Not sure which size will fit my pc???

  *Gary* 15:18 02 Jan 2006

I have got a Mesh Matrix XP 1900+ PC, which I've had for a few years now and it sounds like the case fan needs changing as it's making a continuous grinding sound and causing vibration within the case.

I was originally going to buy an 80mm fan, but I thought I would measure the fan first.

It is a Chieftec D90SM-12 (dc 12v 0.19A) which is powered by my puss (4-pin) and seems to measure 90x90x25mm.

Seeing as the fan measures 90mm across, does this mean that an 80mm Fan will not be compatible with my case and that I will have to search for a 90mm case, or will an 80mm still fit?

I'd really be grateful for any responses.

Thank you


  DieSse 15:40 02 Jan 2006

There are 80mm and 92mm case fans (80 are the norm). The important thing is the mounting holes - I just measured an 80mm fan, and the mounting hole centres are 70mm apart. What is the hole spacing on yours?

  DieSse 15:44 02 Jan 2006

Wide varety of different sizes here click here

Get a good quality, quiet fan - with 2 ball-bearings preferably. Look at the noise (dBA) figures - under 20 is very quiet. 20 to 25 fairly quiet.

  martjc 15:53 02 Jan 2006

Other things can vibrate, making an awful sound! I recently had a machine which made a terrible racket. It seemed to be the fan but on closer inspection it turned out to be a slightly loose blanking plate on the back panel. The solution was to simply remove it. everything was fine then.

  *Gary* 16:14 02 Jan 2006

DieSse: I measure across (from the outside) of the case from the centre of one mounting hole to the centre of the other and it was 83mm across.

martjc: It's definitely the case fan. When i disconnect it, the noise stops and sometimes when you give the fan a tap, the noise stops.

Hmmm, so seeing as it measures 83mm across, i guess this means that I won't be able to get an 80mm fan then???

  DieSse 16:18 02 Jan 2006

*Hmmm, so seeing as it measures 83mm across, i guess this means that I won't be able to get an 80mm fan then???*

Yup - I gusee that's the hole centres for the 92mm fans - which ties up with yr measurement of the fan size. Still, plenty available on the link I gave, and no doubt elsewhere.

  DieSse 16:19 02 Jan 2006

PS - the 70mm was NOT a diagonal measurement - it was along one side, from one hole conter to the next - just to make sure we're both looking at the same thing !

  *Gary* 16:25 02 Jan 2006

Yeah, we are bothing looking at the same thing :-) Well thanks a lot for the advice and i guess i get a 92mm fan then.

Cheers guys


  *Gary* 16:46 02 Jan 2006

Hmm, it's strange because i've just been on the chieftec website and there is a 'AF-0925S' model fan which is 92 x 92 x 25 click here
and a quick google search showed advertisments for 90mm fans. So bearing that in mind, i would have thought that the '90' in my 'Chieftec D90SM-12' model name/number represents 90mm x 90mm x 25mm. However, most websites seem to just advertise the same product as a 90mm and a 92mm fan click here I know it is only a matter of 2mm, but do you think is there a difference, or are they the same?

Thanks again


  DieSse 17:08 02 Jan 2006

It looks as if you're correct in that they sometimes describe the 92mm fan as 90mm - but I have to say - having not actulaay seen one - I'm not entirely sure. Why not order the AKASA fan - which looks excellent - and send it back if it doesn't fit. As long as the hole centres are correct, I can't see you'll have a problem.

  *Gary* 22:35 02 Jan 2006

Ok cheers, I'll probably do that!


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