Case Fan connections

  eedcam 14:09 29 Sep 2007

Thinking of fitting a case fan at rear but unsure iof connections I don't appear to have any on the mother board least nothing like imageds I've seen have a couple of spares from the PSu one very large with several cables and one smaller with 4. Also what looks Like an extension one spare tee'd of my dvd writer. Anyone any idea which I could use and therefore which fan would be suitable Thanks

  FreeCell 15:07 29 Sep 2007

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Get one of these and you will find there is an adaptor in the box that allows you to connect the fan to one of the available 4 pin power connectors in your case. Juist means that the fan is on all the time there is power and you can't control speed. They are quiet fans though.

  eedcam 18:17 29 Sep 2007

Thanks my problem is not sure what I can connect to or is any 4-pin socket ok to use Normally I'd never go inside the box but reluctant to pay to fit something that only cost a couple of quid

  FreeCell 18:26 29 Sep 2007

You should find a spare four pin socket, but even if there isn't the connector in the box allows you to connect the fan using a splitter provided. This means you can use any four-pin power connector that is already used by another device. Just make sure that the cables do not interfer with any fans.

Fitting the fan is straight forward, screws are provided. Most likely your case already has two holes you can use. Just make sure that you position the fan to extract the air, by ensuring that the arrow on the fan body is shown pointing out of the PC case.

  eedcam 18:42 29 Sep 2007

No problem with the fan just the connections are you sayin all 4-pin coonectors are the same one free one has 2 black and i think 2 red though it may have been a red and yellowand

  Mr Beeline 21:45 29 Sep 2007

Here you go, a handy article (with picture) about Molex (IE. 12v) connectors. They should be the same as already connected to your optical drives and maybe (assuming they are not sata) your hard drive/s.

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  FreeCell 18:20 30 Sep 2007

Yes when you take off the cover you will see that the four-pin connectors are all the same.

  eedcam 18:21 30 Sep 2007

Ok got the fan and fitted got one with a 4 pin adaptor question now where do I fit the only frre one I hav comes out the PSU has the reds and black at one end and yellows the other .Problem is the adadaptor Is a through put type pins on side sockets the other . with on red and one black coming from 2. but they dont line up if I fit it to the spare one the reds are at the opposite end any Ideas why .Thought all this stuff was supposed to be standard

  eedcam 18:34 30 Sep 2007

Think but not certain I've sussed the wqay this is wired it will be in contact with the Yelow which I see is 12 volts /Of course I was expecting red to red not yellow to red .The red in question being the one going out to the fan.If this makes sense cananyone confirm

  Probabilitydrive 18:42 30 Sep 2007

Mobo connection chart click here

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  eedcam 22:27 30 Sep 2007

No good no connections on Mobo thanks

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