Case Fan

  Philip2 20:31 18 Jul 2003

Put a case fan in computer never required one but now it's getting upgraded,Does the case fan extract or blow air into the case??

  hopeless1 20:35 18 Jul 2003

some do either but i think its better to blow {extract hot air out of case)

  hugh-265156 20:48 18 Jul 2003

try it both ways and see which gives the best results.

on my case i have three fans.

1x bottom front(sucking air in)

1x top rear(blowing out)

1x side bottom(sucking in) this one was originally blowing out and i changed lowered the case temp by around 4C.

  Rayuk 20:50 18 Jul 2003

Dont just put 1 in your case use 2 one to pull cool air in at bottom front and second top rear to extract the hot air

  BillEmm 20:51 18 Jul 2003

The fan should be put in rear of case and should extract.

A single intake fan will tend to circulate the air in the case rather than get rid of it.


  woodchip 21:02 18 Jul 2003

Why do you want one, just cos others fit em?

  Philip2 21:31 18 Jul 2003

Because woodchip CPU getting upgraded from a 900 duran to a Athlon 2.8 so there must be a increase in heat.

  woodchip 21:44 18 Jul 2003

That does not mean you need a extra fan you are better getting a Bigger case with plenty of room inside. I have a midi but it's airy a 1600xp with just the CPU fan and a psu fan and I have over clocked it to 1900xp and run for two week and the temp only went up by about 2c It is running at the moment ay about 40c the CPU fan is a CoolerMaster. Get a fan if and when you need to. If you have some spare cash I will post my Address

  wee eddie 21:48 18 Jul 2003

If you have a big enough sucker. You won't need a blower.

Air flow pattern is probably best.

In > at Bottom(usually Front)

Out > at Top (usually Back)

  woodchip 22:10 18 Jul 2003

AS wee eddie If i needed to fit a Fan I would first make some airways in the front and put a good Fan in the back you should not need more plus do not fit side extract or blow as these can make it worse as it affects the air flow

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