Case Dilemma - Advice on ATX comp case needed

  Ghetto SupaSTAR 15:21 20 Apr 2003

I have a poor sub-standard case at home for my PC. The PSU is causing a lot of vibration noise that is resonating downstairs and thus causing a headache for everyone.

I am not interested in buying the super-expensive flashy cases that are out there on the market. What I would like to know is if there is a suitable case which has a fairly quiet PSU and more importantly is able to reduce noise as well as not being too expensive. The maximum I would like to spend on a case is £70. I am not eager to visit the computer fayres because most of the cases sold are nasty. I would like to buy a case from a reputable case manufacturer/reseller. It has to be a midi-tower and is able to accomodate a standard ATX motherboard but with ample room for me to install/uninstall hard drives etc. It would also be a bonus if the case came with front USB ports.

I would be grateful for anyone's advice. Thanks.

  Rtus 15:45 20 Apr 2003

There are many ways of damping the noise factor of cases Without buying anew..In fact Ive had the opposite problem .My old case along with system was very quiet..but due to continually trying new cards and combinations of hardware I had the panel screw give up the ghost leading to a slight rattle.So I bought a new bigger 400wt Psu type case with more drive bays in which I fitted drive caddies and new Silent volcano heat-sink for CPU , Fine where I use it but resonant noise a real problem, I resorted to Standing the whole unit on sound proofing rubber/foam pad and making sure the unit didn't touch any walls or surfaces of walls..A quick test can be using a cushion of the a seat with a piece of flat ply on top to keep the unit square and not impede the air circulation and put your tower on that.

  woodchip 15:59 20 Apr 2003

I have a Cheap but good and quiet case, a Tsunami Virgo click here
on this second link look near bottom of page for Virgo

  woodchip 16:05 20 Apr 2003

Sorry for the fitst link click hear for price click here

  woodchip 16:09 20 Apr 2003

Got it this time click here

  pj123 18:18 20 Apr 2003

try these two sites as well. click here and click here

  slaveofconvention 20:27 20 Apr 2003

click here
click here
These are sites dedicated to the "geek" that wants to squeeze every drop out of PC systems, but they both stock a nice range of quality cases. Beware though that some of the cases come without PSU's so you may need to get one separately. I have repeatedly purchased from both of these suppliers without any problems worth mentioning. I'm sure you'll get what you need here, and pretty quickly too - I've never had an order take more than 4 days.

  Ghetto SupaSTAR 20:34 20 Apr 2003

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I will give soundproofing rubber a try and then see if it makes a difference.

  Rtus 21:01 20 Apr 2003

Im now wondering if your unit has solid plastic feet ..Another way - very cheap but fiddly is use erasers cut to fit into the centre of the plastic feet glue in or use double sided tape .May just do the trick..Or I think Maplin electronics do stick on Rubber Feet for a few pence..

  beec crump 21:14 20 Apr 2003

i have exactly the same resonating problem going downstairs: my comp is on a towel, which seems to stop this problem.

ben :-)

  Ghetto SupaSTAR 20:36 21 Apr 2003

Hi Ben,

I've tried using a towel but it didn't look very nice and it made the case unstable. I need the case raised slightly off the floor because the air intake vent is at the bottom front and to block it would be to sufficate my system. For the past year or so I have used a piece of wood to raise the case, maybe this is the problem.

The rubber feet idea made out of erasers sounds like a good idea. Off to WH Smith tomorrow to buy me some!

Any more suggestions are welcome!


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