case audio to motherboard wiring

  sat481 13:37 26 Sep 2004

Hi there.

I have just built a computer and its actually working fine. I only have one little problem and thats the audio sockets on the case. I have the headphone sockets working fine but can't figure out the mic. The case is labelled:
Mic-In Gnd Mic-In Gnd
and the motherboad is labelled
Aud_Mic Aud_Gnd Aud_Mic_Bias Aud_Vcc

I suspect I only need to wire one Mic_In to Aud_Mic and a Gnd to Aud_Gnd, but do I need the other 2 wired in and if so which way round??

Thanks Sat

  stuntmaster 13:58 26 Sep 2004

it seems you wire the mic-in gnd to the Aud_mic and the other mic-in goes to the Aud-gnd, it seems that way, the VCC cable and bias, is probably for a mic volume control, which some media cases have, headphones have a volume in line, if they had it, mic volume needs the bias as its an input, but you dont have them, so forget the VCC and bias cables jus connect the other two.

hope it helps


  sat481 15:15 26 Sep 2004

Thats basically the same lines as I was thinking, I'll try that tomorrow and let you know how it went.

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