Cartridge fault

  dolphinaber 22:30 29 Jun 2003

Can anybody please tell me why my HP cartidges 6657a
after being refilled will work OK for some time then suddenly the cyan fails to deliver the goods!
I have three in front of me at the moment all with the same problem (I have of course tried further ink). They produce a perfect pattern on paper when pressed on it so the ink is in the right place !!
Any advice much appreciated.

  Despicable Desperado 22:32 29 Jun 2003

How many tyimes has the cartridge been refilled?

  dolphinaber 22:42 29 Jun 2003

Thanks DD,(15secs reply. Takes a bit of beating.)
Only the once. Im happy if I can get one refill out of them. They are a bit on the dear side HPs so glad to get a bit more out of them if I can!!!

  Wak 09:46 30 Jun 2003

Your problem could be caused by a small air-lock in the cartridge. Try standing it on a wet paper tissue for a while to get the ink flowing properly or blow down the re-filling hole (if possible).
Another point is to refill the cartridge straight away so that the internal sponge doesn't dry out.
I refilled some Canon cartridges over twenty times and they were still OK when the printer died electrically.

  Lone Crow 11:13 30 Jun 2003

HP software on (at least some) newer printers appear to have a feature built-in that prevents the cartridges from being used indefinitely. The printer software identifies individual carts in some way and remembers the last three you have used. Even if ink is still there aplenty and flowing freely (ie. you have refilled it) the software apparently creates the impression that it is not by restricting the firing of some or all nozzles on the cart to mimic out-of-ink conditions. If you cycle around a series of 4 carts you can overcome this but then you are storing the carts so long that it creates its own problems. I have given up so far as colour carts are concerned (they are messy to fill anyway) and use recycled ones fron who are very good, competitive and offer discounts if you return your old carts with your order. I refill my black carts and overcome the cartridge identification by sellotaping over the top 2 rows of contacts on the cart. I don't get accurate ink monitoring, but the carts can be reused until the ink genuinely runs out, which isn't a problem for my particular black carts (no sponge pad inside). It MAY work for your model but NO guarantees offered! LC.

  doug vem 17:46 30 Jun 2003


  eccomputers 21:55 30 Jun 2003

How can the printer identify a cartridge? there are no chips on the cartridges to hold identifying data. The only cartridges Ive seen have connections to operate the nozzles but that's all. I'm really curious about this and would very much like you to point me to a source for this info. I ask because Ive refilled my hp cartridges 8 times now.

  dolphinaber 22:42 30 Jun 2003

Thanks all. Interesting comments. Im beginning to think after having the cyan missing and the other colours showing up well in my HP 7150 Tool box that Lone Crow may be on the right track but like eccomputers I would like to know how this could be accomplished.
Been on Choice Web site but dont think they are selling the cartridges for the HP7150. Anyone else know of a good site for this printer ?
Will try your suggestions Wak.

  Lone Crow 13:25 01 Jul 2003

I did make it clear that it may not apply to all HP printers. My Deskjet 970cxi has software that monitors ink levels and it definitely DOES identify cartridges. The 'problem' first showed up with the black carts when I began refilling them - eventually it mimicked ink failure characteristics so well that I was fooled, but as the cart was still 2/3 full and 'blotted' okay (like dolphinabber's colour cart) I had to look for another explanation. Asking at our local ink supplies place there happened to be a hoidaymaker in there who put me on the right track. He emailed more info to me when he got home and my own experiments verified what he said. Somewhere out there is a users help website but I can't find the link at the moment. When I rediscover it I'll post back. Comparing my 980cxi colour carts to the ones used in my older 870cxi there are extra rows of contacts - they must be there for something! The carts are otherwise identical. Incidentally, I kept the black cart on one side until I had used three other carts and put it back in again - it worked perfectly! Try for yourselves. Good luck dolphinaber. LC.

  Lone Crow 13:26 02 Jul 2003

Sorry All, I cannot find the link required but I stand by what I have said. Whether it applies to dolphinaber's problem I cannot say, but doubtless he will presently! Cheers. LC.

  dolphinaber 18:20 09 Jul 2003

Thanks all for your help. Needless to say when I put a new cartidge in all the colours came up perfectly including the Cyan. I have four useless cartridges with the Cyan missing. Makes you think
Lone Crow is not far off the truth !!

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