Carrerra SSC on site warranty useless?

  MovedGoalPosts 13:41 10 Apr 2004

My Octan Ultimate 2.8 Plus desktop is about 14 months old. It was sold with an on site hardware warranty - year 1 parts and labour, years 2 & 3 labout only.

Last weekend something inside died. It now gets stuck in a loop on boot up (you get the windows failed to start properly choose safe mode, last known configuration, etc screen - select any of the options it starts to load drivers but stops after only a few and reboots). I've tried running the XP setup disk. If it gets as far as allowing me to reinstall windows the format of the disk just doesn't do a thing. Most of the time the install routine crashes with a bluescreen stop warning along the lines of "to avoid daamage to your computer we're stopping - Session 3 installation". I've tried a replacement same spec and make hard disk, but that made no difference. I'm convinced this is a hardware fault, but short of swapping averything (which effectively means buying a new PC) I'm stumped and so need to invoke the warranty.

Can I get Carrera to take any action - Hell no

I phoned the nominated Repair line on Tuesday at 5:30pm. It was was briefly answered by someone who said your call will be taken soon, and left me sufferring muzac hold till 6:15pm when it was apparent that they had all abandoned ship for the night (close at 6:00pm). I phoned repair Line on Wednesday morning and was told "don't speak to us, we only over computers in year one, you want Carrera sales" (it appears the repair organisation is subcontracted by Carrera). I promtly phoned sales who said someone will call me. Thursday Morning, no one had called so phoned again "we'll escalate it, they are working through the calls now" (How many faulty Carrera computers are there out there?). Thursday afternoon 3:00pm still no call, phoned again same response. Their web site effectively says they get so many emails they will be ignored. Eventually managed to find a fax number for them that worked so sent them a missive. Today, as I have still heard nothing phoned again "only a skeleton staff at weekends. We'll get someone to call on Tuesday".

Carrera have said that their timescales for engineer attendance don't start until the engineer is spoken to - but I can't speak to him so the clock hasn't started ticking - this could go on forever. They say I their warranty allows for 5 days to attend! At this rate I'm gonna be without my PC till at least May. Not acceptable.

  961 14:06 10 Apr 2004

It does rather leave you spitting feathers, doesn't it

Can you go into the BIOS (probably hit delete key after first switch on) and check all disks recognised and look at temperature readings for processor

Check that extract fans at back (one case and one at power supply unit) are blowing out air

Any new software been installed lately?

Do you actually have a Windows disc as opposed to some sort of recovery thingy supplied by Carrera?

  MovedGoalPosts 18:44 10 Apr 2004

Thanks for the reply,

Extract fans are all working OK, HD is being detected in BIOS. Not a temp issue as fault is repeated having left PC off for 2 days. I'm using a proper XP disk (had to pay Carrera extra £25.00 for that and it wasn't supplied with the PC when most of it arrived).

No new software added in last few days prior to failure. I just returned to the PC, and found it cmpletely frozen. Had to press the reset button to get it to reboot but it didn't want to. I doubt it's virus related either as my A/V (panda software) was current to the last 24 hours (it warns me if it isnt able to get an update.

If its any clue at all, probably a red herring, if booting in safe mode the last thing the screen shows is it is loading ..../drivers/mup.sys

  961 08:34 11 Apr 2004

If you go to click here forum you will find a long thread about mup.sys

Alternatively type mup.sys into google and you'll get to the same place

Hope this helps

  961 08:35 11 Apr 2004's click here

  961 10:11 11 Apr 2004

Having now had time to look through some of these threads it seems evident that the problem is a corrupted mup.sys file in the operating system

This file is unlikely to be needed by your system unless you use one of the more obscure network systems

The fix is to boot your computer from the Windows cd ( aren't you wise for paying the £25), choose setup xp and then R for repair. The system files will be reinstalled and all should be ok

An alternative is to disable the mup.sys file

  Forum Editor 10:45 11 Apr 2004

have been known to drive people nearly to distraction, and the number of cures would stretch to Microsoft in Redmond and back.

You can try disabling mup.sys but it may not work. Sometimes replacing the file using the method described by 961 works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes this problem occurs when a new hardware component is added (often it's RAM-related).

We can probably help you as much as Carrerra in this instance, at least in the short term, so keep your thread running - many forum members have probably experienced the same thing, and you may get a few alternative cures to try.

  fuzzyone 10:50 11 Apr 2004


maybe be better moving to the helproom, to get the required aid.

  MovedGoalPosts 21:40 12 Apr 2004

Thanks for the responses. I've looked at the thread suggested for the mup.sys error, but I think I'm beyond help on that now, as the PC will not boot at all from any HD. Looks like the HDs are no longer formatted due to the many fiddles and crashed boots from the XP setup CD.

I followed the suggestion that I might have a RAM fault, removed and refitted only one of the two chips I have, restarted the PC. Three or four reboots later using the XP disk (most failed with the stopped to avoid damage error, or didnt even boot the CD) I got back to the point that a new install suggested the comupter could format the HD. Use full format option, screen displays the progress bar, but does nothing. It's trying to set up the HD as F: ?

Clutching at straws, looked at the BIOS settings and each change I have made to RAM or Hard disk is being recognised. Temporature of motherboard seems to be around 27 deg, processor varies between 40 and 45 deg. The voltage shows a bit of movement 3.3 volts moves between 3.24 and 3.29V whilst 5 V goes from 5.06 to 5.08V. Presumably this is OK?

To me it's simple, something is seriously amis with the hardware of my PC. Probably something on the motherboard?

I'm not afraid to do "basic" stuff like add a card, HD or RAM to a PC. Indeed I have added a HD, and extra RAM. I've taken these out again, and I've tried using just the new stuff I've added, omitting the Carrera supplied hardware. All to no avail.

Should I really have to fiddle around to this extent. Surely I should be able to invoke and use the warranty supplied with my PC? At least someone at Carrera should return my calls and faxes to tell me that I can (or cannot!) have an engineer?

  MovedGoalPosts 10:36 13 Apr 2004

Hoorah, Carrera have finally allowed me to speak to their repairs desk! Only after I phoned them again though. Why does this company not return calls?

Apparently I've done most of the things the engineer would check on site, so it's got to go back to them. Wow I'm a PC repair engineer now just cos i can swap over a HD or RAM :)

A courier will collect it tommorrow, and then itsgonna take 7-10 days to sort out. Rather long me thinks, but I suspect an industry average.

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