Card Reader installation

  thospot 15:05 25 Nov 2006

I am still struggling to install a Card Reader and this will be the third one that I have bought. I hope someone can help...

I sent for this one because it said "USB connection" and I took that to mean 'just plug the thing into a spare USB port.. BUT.

The cable attached hasn't got a proper USB connection plug it has two flat plugs with 5 pin holes in each..

Now the Motherboard has a 'Smart Card Reader connector' but that has 7 pins. There is no markings on the flat plugs attached to the Reader to indicate which way round it is supposed to go so if I tried I could possibly damage the mother board..

Also, the instruction pamphlet with the reader says there are three models of USB ports and they are USB 8 pins/9 pins/10 pins and also a black port (whatever that is). The instructions are oviously written in the far east and I can't understand some of it...

Could someone please help me out with this?.. Thank you...

  Totally-braindead 15:33 25 Nov 2006

Is there a drawing which actually shows you what the pins on the reader are called or does it not give that detail?
If it doesn't then I would be contacting the seller for more information as obviously this problem must have occurred before with other people.
I'm not sure what you mean by the 2 flat plugs thing, could you mean perhaps a USB header connector for connection to the motherboard or is it something else entirely.

  thospot 15:43 25 Nov 2006

Thanks for your interest Totally-braindead..

The 2 flat things are about 15cm by about 12cm and only 3cm thick. They have each got 5 holes for the pins on the M/B to go into. They have red, white, green, black, and yellow wires going in to the back.
The pamphlet describes the USB ports with the connections as:- GNG - D1+ - D1- - VCC and opposite to these there is VCC - D0- - D0+ - GND.
Hope this helps....

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 25 Nov 2006

try matching cable colours
click here
use your motherboard manual to check smart reader pins.

  ed-0 15:47 25 Nov 2006

The 10 pin plug just fits onto a motherboard USB header.

Do you know the make and model of the motherboard?

Also on the 10 pin plug, is one connection blank i.e. has no wire attached?

  ed-0 15:48 25 Nov 2006

Or as per Fruit Bat /\0/\ ;-)

  thospot 15:57 25 Nov 2006

It shows very little on the Mother Board manual regards to coloured wires.. It does show an exploded view of the 'SCR1 pin assignment' but that has 14 pins altogether 7 obove the other 7.......I could write all the names attached to thes pins if you want...

The Mother Board is a Soltek SL-75DRV/-X....

ED-O. Would you consider the two small plugs with 5 pin holes in each as a 10 pin plug??.

  thospot 16:01 25 Nov 2006

Fruit Bat/\0/\..
I shall be having a good look at the link you sent but it will take me a good while to assimilate it all.. Thanks for sending it...

  ed-0 16:38 25 Nov 2006

just to clarify:-

At the end of the wires you have two separate blocks of 5 holes. They are not connected together to create a block of 10 pins, but are independent of each other.

Each separate block has 5 wires coming from it.

Is that right?

If so, the you will need to use the two USB headers [ usb 2 + usb 3 ]at the bottom of the motherboard. click here

Now strangely enough you connect these to the lower 4 pins, not the 5 pins, so 4 wires connect and one is free. So the

red wire is pin1

white wire is pin 2

green wire is pin 3

black wire is pin 4

yellow wire is on an empty space.

So you would need to connect both sets of wires to these headers.

Does the reader have a separate power source, if has connect that also.

  ed-0 16:42 25 Nov 2006

If by any chance they will not work of the 4 pins, then put them on the 5 pins. Same order as before, but the yellow wire would fit on the extra pin, oposite the blank.

  thospot 16:45 25 Nov 2006

You described the first part of your post exactly. That is absolutely correct...

No, the reader does not have its own power source...

I should have mentioned it before because I don't know if it will make a difference or not and that is that the reader is an internal one.. It fits inside a five and half inch bay.

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