card reader frustration

  rwp77ox 19:22 22 Feb 2006

I use Win XP home on a Mesh Tower with a Asus a7n8x motherboard and 512 ram.
Up to June last year I used a Twinmos 7in1 cardreader (USB1.1) pluged into on of the USB sockets at the top of the mainboard. In June I invested in one of those 250mb external USB 2 harddrive/cardreader combo's from Gericom that Aldi were selling.
Being a good boy I followed the instructions and installed the card reader software that the manufacturer said I needed.
Now I can't read my Compact flash card on either reader. Got round the problem last summer by downloading the images via the camera connection which still works.
If I try to use the USB2 reader in the HD enclosure windows explorer becomesvery slow and actually trying to access the images on the card causes explorer to crash, the only solution then is to remove the card and close explorer. eventually my computer will return to the desktop and all the icons repaint, then it works again.
If I try to use the twinmos reader the automatic popup "what do you want to do" window appears then 5 to 15 seconds later it disappears only to reappear a few seconds after that. It then continues to appear / disappear until the CF card is removed.
If I can catch it, I can access the information on the card but the connection is broken a few seconds later.
I have tried reinstalling the card reader software, I've tried removing the card reader software. I've tried every combination of USB port on the machine. Nothing the same issues whatever I do.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:33 22 Feb 2006

Don't normally need any software or is it an application for organising stuff?

  rwp77ox 19:40 22 Feb 2006

No, just a "driver for the card reader" is what the instructions call it.
I know NOW that Xp shouldn't need another driver but back then I followed the instructions I was presented with nnd got the problems I'm now trying to solve.

  Lettervanman 19:44 22 Feb 2006

Have a read of this thread,and try the power off bit near the bottom.
Caused a few ripples on here but worth a try!

  Lettervanman 19:45 22 Feb 2006

Sorry keep forgetting the link!!
click here

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:53 22 Feb 2006

This is a handy little programme, one of the functions is it lists all your drivers. You may be able to identify the unwanted device driver you installed in error, gives the location of drivers, possible you can manually remove if you can identify.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:53 22 Feb 2006

Make a restore point first!

  Hertz Van Rentyl 19:54 22 Feb 2006

the link- doh
click here

  Lettervanman 19:55 22 Feb 2006

Glad I'm not the only one!!

  rwp77ox 20:37 22 Feb 2006

A handy little tool - but I can't identify the driver thats causing the problems. Does anybody ave any idea what i should be looking for.
the good default driver or the dodgy one installed by the gericom software.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:57 22 Feb 2006

There is a devices section, might pin the drivers down in there if your card reader is listed

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