card reader

  OAP65 15:16 12 Dec 2006

i wonder if ayone can help, on my new computer i have a card reader, when i install a card in it no problem, all works ok.
when i remove card using the icon on the task bar card reader goes,off putting the card back in does not switch it back on again i have to
switch the computer off then back on to get it working

  Graham. 15:23 12 Dec 2006

Right click the icon, see if any options are available.

  golfpro 15:26 12 Dec 2006

Without your computer type/model can't help, but try asking your computer support or downloading the instruction manual.

  Kate B 15:35 12 Dec 2006

Is it plugged directly into the PC or into a USB hub? If the latter, it might not have enough power getting to it.

  marjted 15:47 12 Dec 2006

What is this icon? Is it the icon "to remove hardware safely" ? i.e. are you removing the card reader itself and not just the card? I am able to simply take my card out of the card reader and insert another one if I want with no recourse to icons, rather similar to changing a CD in that drive (reader). What happens if you just remove the card from you card reader

  Sethhaniel 16:11 12 Dec 2006

what you are doing is inconnecting the card reader when you click the remove item
so it would have to be physically taken out and replugged in for the computer to find it again - it should be safe just to just pull out the card and reinsert it - thoough in explorer you can right clicjk the drive and select eject before pulling out card


  Graham. 16:28 12 Dec 2006

I get the impression the card reader is part of the computer, not a USB one.

  Belatucadrus 17:26 12 Dec 2006

The fact that the reader shows up in the taskbar with the "Safely remove Hardware" option confirms it's being seen as USB, may well be connected to a MOBO USB port. Unfortunately Sethaniels entirely correct, remove the item via the taskbar icon and the PC will see it as removal of the reader, not extraction of the card. Best thing is to ignore it and just pull the card manually after a suitable interval.

  OAP65 19:05 12 Dec 2006

Many thanks to the people who have replied the computer is a Fujitsu Siemens Scalo p with a 7-1 card reader built into the front panel. The Icon on the task bar is the one that you click onto to remove hardware. I have tried removing a card without clicking on the Icon I lost all the photographs on that card, I then tried another card from the same camera in exactly the same way when I did this it did not delete anything on the card. So I'm at a lose, do I switch the reader off to remove the card or not? which it says in my manual not to remove the card whilst switched on. Many thanks.

  Sethhaniel 08:37 13 Dec 2006

in windows explorer the card reader should show as drive (d/e etc) right click on the drive and select 'eject' and when you see the files in the right pane are no longer being read pull out card ;)

  OAP65 14:15 13 Dec 2006

many thanks to all forum members for the replies to my posting i think it was me geting it wrong, will not happen again?

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