Card or Battery fault?

  CR93Pete 17:33 05 Jun 2006

I was given a new Trust 913 powercam for my birthday but I have had difficulty geting it to record onto a SD card. I bought some re-chargeble batteries suggested in the manual(Ni-MH). These only make 1.2v The camers and everything works fine but I cannot get it to record photos to the Kingston 256mb SDcard. It has done, whilst on holiday in Fuero Ventura in January. Since then nothing except on the internal card. I dont seem to get any sense out of the web site apart from the fact that they said the camera was capable of working with 516mb card. Is it the card or the batteries? The cards are marked 3.3v so the bateries will only produce 2.4v.
Can anyone suggest what I have done wrong?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:00 05 Jun 2006

1. check the manual for a seting to change from internal memory to card.

2. Format the card using the option in the camera, cameras often use their oown type of format and may not recognise the card if it has been formatted in a computer.

  woodchip 18:09 05 Jun 2006

Battery's not the problem. Have you cleared all the old photes from the card? If you have try format the card in the Camera. Not PC

  CR93Pete 18:17 05 Jun 2006

Thanks for your responses, Fruit Bat andwoodchip, but! I have formated the cards (2)in the camera. I have had photos on both cards. Only one kept on one card. Just to prove it can be done. When I have either card in the camera (in case it does work!)I have to go into the menu to set it so that I can shoot onto the internal card. The SD cards have only worked after the batteries had their second charge, which is why I wondered about the voltage not being sufficient.

  Fingees 18:45 05 Jun 2006

Why not try using a pair of ordinary batteries, just to test the results.

  CR93Pete 23:05 06 Jun 2006

Hi Fingees, I tried your idea of using standard batteries tonight, but it is still telling me "card locked" when I switch on to photograph with the SD card in. It is still making me mad!!
I would think that it is not the batteries as the 2x 1.5v is sufficient to operate the camera but perhaps the cards are wanting too much voltage (marked 3.3voltby Kingston). They seem to work fine in my mates card reader , he has sucessfully transfered pictures to them. Does any one make these with a lower voltage requirement?
Apologies for being unable to reply until now as I have had to spend a large part of the time in hospital and shopping . Had to get batteries!!

  woodchip 23:54 06 Jun 2006

The cards should work. I use SD 256Mb in a small Camcorder with two rechargeable AA batteries

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