Car speakers

  User-4E317026-61D7-43D3-BDD7810F52D5F2A9 18:16 25 Apr 2008

i have found some speakers but i dont know how good they are, if they are good quality, can anybody check them out? click here cheers

  MCE2K5 02:23 26 Apr 2008

Don't forget to buy an Hearing Aid. ;-)

  Incony 09:56 26 Apr 2008

to get your 1000 watts,choose an amplifier that can deliver that into 4 ohms per speaker...

i know i might be preaching to the converted, but to get the maximum power from either the amplifier or speaker, the ohm ratings should match..

an example from the 1500 watt amp on the same site as your speakers...
Specifications: Maximum output power

2 x 750 Watts @ 2 ohms
2 x 500 Watts @ 4 ohms
1 x 1000 Watts @ 4 ohms (bridged)

so your speakers are rated at 4 ohms you would only get 500 watts delivered per speaker max, using this amplifier.

loud enough i guess, to deafen you...:) and the speakers would only be working at half capacity, so they would be ok.. but the amplifier would be working flat out at 500 w per speaker.

right so if i get those speakers and the 1500w amp click here then all i need is to hook them up to a radio/cd player and then hook that up to my battery?

  Incony 19:59 28 Apr 2008

Yes. choose good quality cable, terminated with rock solid good connections.. screw down is better than push to fit, the speakers too. Anything that can degrade, will, the better your installation now the less you will have to do, (and spend time and money on) to maintain that quality. cost seldom goes down afterwards if you have researched well and decided on what you want NOW... for that time and effort...

the frequency range of those speakers is adequate.. pretty much the quality of your ears is more the question, it depends how old you are and how you have protected your hearing in life, higher frequency hearing degrades with age and abuse...its not certain, but generally that is the case.

The best speakers,amplifier, cable, connection et al, wont make up for shot ears, and you only do that once, with no return. Remember that if your under thirty years old now. if your in loud noise that isnt music,:) wear ear defenders.

  Koochy 14:23 29 Apr 2008

You will find that running these speakers at 1000watts for a long period of time will damage them as they are designed to be run at 150 watts continuous (RMS) and to be fair that is more than loud enough for a car, the only thing you will find is they will lack bass and for that you will need to add subs and crossovers and the list just goes on and on.
You will also have to remember that depending on what type of car you put these in can be part of choosing them as well
if they are going into a hatchback then you will probably have to make an MDF shelf as a normal parcel shelf usually buckles with the weight, but if you are putting them into a saloon then you will have to cut hole into the parcel shelf (not a good idea for when it comes to selling the car on)
My advice would be to go to halfords (Don't buy them from halfords) and ask what models they have that are a standard fit and try out a few different combinations of mid base and tweaters and then look on line for the ones you want as they will be cheaper than Halfords

okay, i have to limit my spending lol, i have found a radio and speakers seperatly and need to know if they are any good, could someone check them out for me? click here
click here
thank you.

  donki 13:52 28 May 2008

If your planning on running them speakers at quite a volume they are going to sound like pooh IMO, yes they will be LOUD but it will be increadably distorted. 6x9's are good for an all round sound but not at a very high level.

Dont do the really stupid thing of putting 6x9 speakers on a parcel shelf along with a sub in ur boot. It will sound like a giant wet fart! Get compomemt speakers on your shelf, for your mid and treble, then fit as big a sub in your boot as you want. If you fit 6x9's on your shelf then a sub is your boot ur 6x9's will last about a week before they are blowen, the sub causes a vaccum effect on the cone of the 6x9.

Also if you do go on and put ur 1000W speackers in and dont have adicate sound proofing as well as the wet fart noise every panel in your car will be vibrating! There is no cheap way to have a quality loud sound system in your car.

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