Car bulb confusion

  Graham. 19:26 02 Jan 2009

Not seeking answers, for information only.

My daily check revealed a brake light had failed. Off I went to Halfords, looked in their book, and bought a couple of 180s. They looked the part, double filament types, 21W and 5W.

Replaced the two in the cluster (I do like that word) and roped in a smoker to check for me. Still not working, so back home for further investigation.

Started with the sidelights on. The two bulbs I replaced light up, but a third, on it's own, does not on the problem side. 'Oh dear', I thought, 'another ones gone now'.

I took the fitting in the house, got the handbook and a meter.

Those two bulbs I replaced are for the tail light, only the 5W filament is used, no contact for the 21W.

The single bulb, one 21W filament, is the brake light. But to confuse things, it also comes on dim for the tail light.

Took me two hours to change that bulb.

  Stuartli 19:32 02 Jan 2009

The 21w/5w is for a combined rear red tail light and brake light - otherwise you use individual 21w and 5w bulbs in individual sockets.

You are not the first and won't be the last to make this mistake...:-)

  Spark6 20:07 02 Jan 2009

For information only! Remove faulty bulb and take into store to ensure correct replacement. Shouldn't take 2 hours if there's a next time.

  VoG II 20:29 02 Jan 2009

Is it strictly necessary to employ smokers for brake light observation duties?

  mr gee 22:20 02 Jan 2009

erm am i missing something here ? i thought this was a computer forum not a car repair forum.

  AL47 22:34 02 Jan 2009

useful to know

  lotvic 22:46 02 Jan 2009

mr magoo ... err I mean mr gee, it's simple really - Graham needs the car to get to where his/her computer is.
No car = no access to pc = computer problem

welcome to madhouse ;-))

  ianeon 22:58 02 Jan 2009

No car = No access to PC = Computer problem.
How did he write on this forum ?

  lotvic 23:35 02 Jan 2009

went to Halfords

  Graham. 23:43 02 Jan 2009

Yes, you are missing something. It's the light-hearted banter which us old-timers indulge ourselves in. Don't take it too seriously.

  cocteau48 10:15 03 Jan 2009

"It's the light-hearted banter which us old-timers indulge ourselves in. Don't take it too seriously."

You should have taken the car to the end of a tunnel to check the lights ..... seeing the light at the end of the tunnel is always a good start!

....and a happy new year to you Graham.

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